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Ace Ventura 3 (advertised as Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective) is the third installment in the popular film series. The reason why Jim Carrey was not cast in the third movie has not been made public.

Not very well. This was actually called Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective, and it only got a 1.9 out of 3. It didn't have Jim Carrey in it, and people disliked it.

Jim Folsom, Jr. was born on May 14, 1949

Sinbad Jr- - 1965 Boat Race Ace was released on: USA: 1965

No. Jim Jones, Jr., can stop using the "Jr.," if he wants, once Jim Jones, Sr., dies. He only becomes "Sr" if he has a son whom he names Jim Jones and who in turn uses the "Jr." suffix.

Since the use of "Jr." and "Sr." is usually to help distinguish between a father and son, both of whom are still living, the son can drop the "Jr." after the father dies, if he likes, or he can keep it. For example, Sammy Davis, Jr., kept the "Junior" for several years after his father died, but eventually used just "Sammy Davis" as his legal and professional name. The designation can also change with time and circumstance. Suppose Jim Johnson has a son whom he names Jim Johnson. The father might be, for example, Jim Johnson II or Jim Johnson, Sr., and the son would be Jim Johnson, III, but could also be called Jim Johnson, Jr. After Jim Johnson II dies, his son can call himself just Jim Johnson or can continue to call himslef Jim Johnson, Jr., but in either case he will always be Jim Johnson III. To further complicate matters, if there is a grandson named Jim Johnson, he will be Jim Johnson IV. When the grandfather dies, Jim Johnson III can call himself Jim Johnson, Sr., if he likes, and the grandson can be called Jim Johnson, Jr. It is largely a matter of person preference and what the family will tollerate.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr- - 2009 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG Philippines:G (MTRCB) Singapore:PG UK:PG USA:PG

Jim Malinda's birth name is James Malinda Jr..

he was very responsible for his dreams.

Jim Moncher's birth name is James Charles Moncher Jr..

Jim Angle's birth name is James Leslie Angle Jr..

Jim Tsutsui's birth name is James Haruo Tsutsui Jr.

Jim Varney's birth name is James Albert Varney Jr..

Jim Ewald's birth name is James Joseph Ewald Jr..

Jim Flanigan's birth name is James Michael Flanigan Jr..

Jim Hillin's birth name is Jimmie Glen Hillin Jr..

Jim Jeffcoat's birth name is James Wilson Jeffcoat Jr..

Jim Courier's birth name is James Spencer Courier Jr..

Jim Lovell has four children, Barbara, James Jr., Susan, and Jeffrey.

If you are talking about Jim Ross, he did not go to TNA.

Sunny Jim McKeen's birth name is McKeen Jr., Lawrence David.

Jim James (James Olliges Jr.) is 39 years old (birthdate April 27, 1978).

James "Jim" Arthur Lovell, Jr.

Family Traditions---by Hank Williams Jr.

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