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the only special building and the only one is the synagogue

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What are holy buildings to Judaism?

Jews worship in synagogues.The holiest site in Judaism is the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which is the last structure remaining from the Temple Mount which was destroyed nealy 2,000 years ago by the Romans.Other holy sites include the Cave of Machpelah and the Tomb of Rachel.

What rooms are in Judaism?

There are no rooms in Judaism. Judaism is a religion, not a building.

What is Judaism also called today?

Judaism is called Judaism.

What is the opposite lack of Judaism?

Opposite of the lack of Judaism? Judaism.

What is the religion in Judaism?

Judaism is the religion in Judaism. It is the religion of the Jews.

What religions are similar to judaism?

Christianity is similar to Judaism. Islam is similar to Judaism. Baha'i is similar to Judaism.

Where is Judaism followed?

The religion is Judaism. The people who follow Judaism are Jews.

Who is the polytheistic of Judaism?

There is no polytheism in Judaism. Judaism only has one God.

What is a movement focused on preserving values but with some allowance for modern influence in judaism?

Lots of those. In more or less the order of most traditional to least traditional, here are some: Modern Orthodox Judaism Masorti (Traditional) Judaism Conservative Judaism Reform Judaism Liberal Judaism Reconstructionist Judaism Renewal Judaism Humanistic Judaism

What does the symbol of Judaism stand for?

I'm not sure what a "symbol of Judaism" is, or if there is any such symbol, but if there is a symbol of Judaism, then it probably stands for Judaism.

Who is the leader of judaism and also known as the father of judaism?

Abraham is known as the father of Judaism, but there is no person known as "the leader of Judaism".

What are Russian buildings are called?

buildings, Russian buildings

What are judaism religions?

Judaism ... the religion of the Jewish People ... is comprisedof a single religion, known as "Judaism".Judaism ... the religion of the Jewish People ... is comprisedof a single religion, known as "Judaism".

What 2 religions sprouted from judaism?

Judaism paved the way for Messianic Judaism and Christianity. Judaism was the promise of the Messiah and Messianic Judaism and Christianity are the recieving of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Who is the king of Judaism?

There is no king of Judaism.

What is the religeon of Judaism?

Judaism is the religeon.

What are the religions of Judaism?

Judaism is the religion.

Doomsday in Judaism?

There is no such concept in Judaism.

What is the name of the judaism religion?


Who is the idol of Judaism?

There are no idols in Judaism.

Is Judaism a god?

Judaism is a religion.

Are there polytheists in Judaism?

No, Judaism is monotheistic.

What is the retrial of Judaism?

Judaism is not on trial.

How do you spell Judaism the religion?


What are religions of Judaism?

Judaism IS a religion.