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What are Justin Bieber's CD titles?

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Canadian Pop artist Justin Bieber has recorded 2 albums:

  1. My World (Released in 2009)
  2. My World 2.0 (to be released in March 2010)
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Justin biebers CD is called my world

Justin biebers first c.d album was "my world"released November 17, 2009

You can buy it at Wal Mart or on the internet.

um probably all of them :)

One of the titles of Justin Biebers top hit songs is "Never Say Never."

Justin Bieber's new CD "My World" is coming out November 17th.(:

his last CD was "i have no life." by justin bieber. it came out on dec. 15, 2009

march 19,2010 omg i love the CD you should buy it

yes they do have Justin Biebers new CD in Boaz Alabama wallmart

Yeah! It's on My World 2.0

It came out in March 2010!!!

Justins first CD was released November 17, 2009

He has two Cd's out which are: My World and My World 2.0

His greatest achievement was his CD My World 2.0

its $10.00 but i think u should check it out it is hot

Justins album comes out near the end of fall

i know one is "Baby", maybe common denominator?

Any CD shop, including Borders and Popular bookstores

like target or walmart or just type in on Google Justin bieber "one more time"

noooooo just those lucky people who just happen to buy a CD with one it it. :]