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Q: What are Kris allens hobbies?
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What is Kris allens email address?

What is Kris Allens religion?


What is Kris allens mom name?


What is Kris allens favorite color?

Green orange

Who was Kris Allens parents?

Kim and Neil Allen.

When is Kris Allens birthday?

Kris Allen's birthday is on June 21st , 1985. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kris Allen ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the name of Kris Allens parents?

kim and neil Allen

When is Kris allens wifes birthday?

July 9, 1986

What is Kris Allens middle name?

His full name is Kristopher Neil Allen.

What is Ethan allens hobbies or activitys?

playing with toy cars

What is Kris allens official MySpace?

When di Kris Allens song Live Like We're Dying come out?

September 2009.

Who is Kris Allen's cousins?

Kris Allen's cousin's are Julia Allen, Nicholas Allen, Jeffrey Allen, Jacob Rowe, Olivia Vargus, Alex Rowe, and Makayla Allen. this is the truth i am Julia Allen.these are all Kris allens 1st cousins.................and Savanna Hastings is his third cousin

When was Allens Boots created?

Allens Boots was created in 1977.

What colour is lily Allens hair?

Lily Allens hair is black

What it lilly Allens mum called?

alison Owen is the name of lily allens mother !

When was Allens West railway station created?

Allens West railway station was created in 1940.

What is Cazenave-Serres-et-Allens's population?

Cazenave-Serres-et-Allens's population is 48.

How many allens cotton rats were there 50 years ago?

how many allens cotton rats are left

What is the area of Cazenave-Serres-et-Allens?

The area of Cazenave-Serres-et-Allens is 16.15 square kilometers.

What is lilly allens age?


Who takes in young poe?

the allens

What lesson can we get in movie of avatar?

that they are allens

Are Allens lollipops gluten free?

Yes, Allens lollipops are totally safe. They contain glucose syrup from corn which is safe.

Who is lily allens father?

keith allen