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Linux commands are commands entered into a Linux terminal (command line interface) and it performs accordingly. For example: if you entered 'pwd' into the terminal prompt and pressed ENTER it would return the current working directory be it /home or /etc

'ls' will list all files and directories the specified directory. If no directory is given, the current one will be used as default.

the best way to learn Linux commands is to try them out for yourself which you can via installing Linux or downloading a live Linux CD, booting into it and type in different commands (as a normal, non-root user -- root has all kinds of super-duper powers and can break things easily).

AnswerIn fact, the 'commands' are programs. They can be stored in different directories, usually:




For example, when you type 'date' into a command line, the program /bin/date is launched. Programs in Linux don't usually have .exe in name. This program prints current date on users screen.




just type:

which command

at the prompt where command is what you are searching for and the Linux style computer will tell you.

i.e. :

%which CD


CD: /usr/bin/CD /usr/share/man/man1/CD.1.gz

so it says that the command CD is at /usr/bin and the manual is at /usr/share/man/man1.

There are many different commands available in Linux. Some of the most basic are:

  • ls - lists the contents of a directory
  • dir - same as above but with escaped spaces
  • mv - move a file
  • rm - delete a file (semi-permanent)
  • cat - reads a file
  • less - used to pipe lengthy output from a command so that it can be scrolled through. Use like ls | less.
  • cp - copy files. cp file1 file1copy
  • grep - search for text in a file. Can also be used to search for words in a command output. Example: ls | grep partoffilename
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Q: What are Linux commands?
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What do you mean by Linux Utilities?

utilities is nothing but predefined commands in linux

How many different commands are there for Linux?

Innumerable. Remember that any program on Linux can be launched from the command line, so there are as many commands as there are programs.

Are Linux commands case-sensitive?


What are the Linux commands used by Oracle DBA?


Explain Backup management commands in Linux?

There are no standardized commands for backing up a Linux system. Backup methods can range from dd to RAID to one of various backup utilities.

What are the utility programs found in Linux?

Linux is generally distributed with the GNU set of core utility commands. These commands are described here:

Are Linux commands entered via the command line case sensitive?

Yes. Just about everything to do with Linux on the command line is case sensitive, including commands and file names.

How do you view the command history in Linux?

You can view the history of commands entered on a Linux system with the history command.

What are the common Linux commands by Oracle 10g?

Oracle 10g's commands are internal; they have nothing to do with what platform it is running on.

How do you find out what DOS Commands are available in Linux?

There is none. For starters, you have it backwards, DOS actually copied most of its commands from Unix (The rest came from CP/M.), which Linux is inspired by. Commands like "cd" and "dir" were Unix commands long before DOS even existed.

What is the command to create a user in Linux?

there is useradd and adduser commands

Do Unix commands work in Linux?

Some will, some won't. Linux has enough differences from Unix that it would be very difficult to document which commands do not work, or work differently than they do on Unix.

How would one go about learning fdisk Linux?

There are many websites where one can learn about fdisk and many other Linux commands including Linux Help, Tuxfiles, Computer Hope, Linux Questions and Linux Solved.

What is a Linux terminal used for?

A linux terminal is used to execute commands and for administrative purposes. Most of the functions that cannot be carried out using the gui can be done using commands. In that situations, the terminal comes in handy.

What two linux commands can be used to display file contents?

There are many commands that can do this. Two of the most common are 'more' and 'cat'.

Is the architecture of Linux based on DOS?

No. Linux is a free, open-source version of UNIX. Many of DOS's commands were based on UNIX commands, but the underlying operating system is much more powerful than DOS.

What two commands will display the status of processes on a Linux system?

ps top

What Linux commands make your home directory the working directory?

the command 'cd ~' will get you there .

Why does Linux and unix share more commands than windows xp and unix?

Because Linux evolved from UNIX, but Windows evolved from DOS.

Which commands will add the user Stewart to the group wheel in Linux?

gpasswd -a Stewart wheel

Why use Linux basic commands?

Many Linux users find the command line quicker than using the Graphic User Interface (GUI).

What commands allows you to determine which users are currently logged on to your Ubuntu Linux server?

There are a series of commands, depending on what and how much information you want on logged in users. The commands are: who w users finger (if installed)

Why most of the time you use Linux to execute Unix commands?

Because Linux is actually more popular in most fields these days than certified Unix.

What is a script file in Linux?

A script is a file that contains a set of commands to be performed. Instead of you manually entering all of the commands into the console, the script is run and does it automatically.

What is the history command in Linux?

The history command displays all commands that have been entered into the terminal.