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What are Minority government advantages?


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A minority government occurse in politics in countries outside of the US. In these coutries, such as Canada, the population vote for individual members of policial parties. The leader of the party with the most seats is considered the head of the government. In normal cases the governing party will win the majority of the seats in the government at least 50% +1. However it can happen that none of the parties win a majority of the seats. In this case the party with the most seats even if it is not the 50% +1 forms the government. In a minority situation, all political parties, ranging from both the left and right sides are required to cooperate and negotiate all points of the government business. While this means the govenrment can not take any extream action, it can also be debilitating. In this situation parties must be able to comprimise, if the governing minotiry is not willing to comprimise then the government may lose confidence and a new election will be called.