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a Muslim man can have a baby with a non Muslim but a Muslim woman can't have a baby with a non Muslim

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A muslim woman isnt even allowed to have a non muslim husband, but if u r a man u can, but u must raise the child muslim

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Q: What are Muslim beliefs on having a baby with a non Muslim?
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Can a Muslim woman have a baby with non Muslim man?

It is sinful; per Islam teachings and rules; for a Muslim woman to have baby with non Muslims man. She is fully sinful to have the baby outside marriage and in the meantime she is not allowed to get married with a non-Muslim man. The only solution out of this problem is for the non-Muslim man to convert to Islam (with sincere faith and real acceptance) and then to marry the Muslim woman licitly. Refer to question below.

Non immigrant having baby in the US?

you are visting the us and you end up having baby

How the female can recognized after death that she is Muslim or non Muslim?

Your question is too stupid!! By the way, Muslim women do not having sex with men except their husbands.

What are the religions fights about in Israel?

Muslims do not like having a non-Muslim nation in their midst.

Can Muslims have non-Muslim children?

Yes and No. I Muslim male may marry a non-Muslim female. A Muslim female may not marry a non-Muslim male. All children are considered Muslim regardless of the religion of the non-Muslim.

Is shahrukh khan Muslim or non Muslim?


Can a non Muslim have a close platonic relationship with a Muslim without affecting their beliefs?

Sure. You find in many countries, especially in Middle East, very close friends and very close neighbors with different faiths and beliefs and enjoying innocent and platonic relationships.

Should a Muslim mother attend her non Muslim son's wedding to a non Muslim woman?

Yes. She can.

What is the fidya?

If non-muslim is living in muslim state. Then non-muslim will give money to government. it is called Fidya

Can a Muslim see a non Muslim naked?

No, It is not allowed for a Muslim to see anyone naked (Muslim or non Muslim) except his/her partner per Islam licit marriage.

Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man in Iran?

A:No. In Iran, it would be dangerous for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man.

Can non Muslim marry omani lady?

If she is Muslim and you both are in Oman, then the answer is NO, she will be committed with adultery if she married a non-muslim person, if you live in a non-muslim community, you may marry a civilian marriage.

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