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What are NGO's?

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"NGO" stands for "non-government organization". In practice, rather than being used to refer to just any sort of organization that isn't part of the state, the term is used to refer to organizations that receive significant funding from the state but that do not have state officials as such amongst their officers.

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What is role of ngos in development of Pakistan?

NGOs play very important role in Pakistan.

What are NGOs types of NGOs?

NGO stands for Non-Government Organization. C.A.R.E., World Hunger Fund, Red Cross, and various missionary organizations are NGOs. Organizations whose general mission is to aid the poor, homeless, or refugees are NGOs.

When was JEN Japan Emergency NGOs created?

JEN Japan Emergency NGOs was created in 1994.

How many NGOs are there in Bangladesh?

According to govt. register there are 2204 NGOs in Bangladesh. although there are many NGOs reg, expire but govt. keep their name. H.N. Barmma email:

Is ICRC a ngos?


Programs of ngos for women empowerment?

NGOs for women's empowerment focus on women's access to healthcare, education, and legal representation. Some NGOs help women develop employable skills and find paid work.

Which are some of NGOs in Kenya?

Any NGO you can think of, is probably in Kenya.A database of all NGOs registered in Kenya is available for download. It is compiled data from the 2005 National Directory of NGOs in Kenya, published by the Council of NGOs. You can search all NGOs to district level and by program area (e.g. water, health, education).The database (.mdb) and list of NGOs (.xls) is available at Directory of Development Organizations website also provides a list of NGOs as a .pdf file both worldwide and in Kenya. See of NGOs in KenyaTypes of NGOsNGO Type Number present 2005 Religion Based 66 Pan-African 16 National 264 Local 1634 International 192Source: Compiled by author from the Directory of NGOs 2005, KenyaNGO program areas in Kenya Frequency table (.doc)This table lists 49 program areas and the total number of NGOs working in each.NGOs by program areas Provincial Level Level Frequency Table.docThis table lists poverty incidence and gap at a provincial level and details the activities of NGOs in the following following program areas: Health, AIDS, Education, Water, Welfare and Reproduction.

What is the role of NGOs during floods?

NGO means Non governmental organization. The main objective of NGOs is to provide social justice, development and human rights. It provides services directly to local community. NGOs have very important role in disaster management. The main function of NGOs during disasters is to provide help and saving operation. Some NGOs also arrange for blood donation camps when blood is needed in a large amount. They also distribute text books, uniforms and note books to poor school children. Then other things done by NGOs are reconstruction such as roads, buildings and providing medical help. There are people who makes NGOs for making money; they are showing all work at paper. Such type of NGOs are only made for making money. In a Original way they are not NOGs, such type of NGOs are only making money device...

What is the Role of NGOs in the field of education?


Relationship between NGos and the government has been rather complex in the recent year?

Relationship between NGos and the government has been rather complex in the recent year?

How you get donation for your NGOs senier citizen welfare orgnisation?

we have NGOs non registerd governament orgnisation senier citizen orgnisation to help old peoples they are helpless and they have no source of income

List of NGOs which help in providing job in banglore?

Which NGOs are currently working in Somalia?

where are ngo operations in somalia

How many international organizations IGOs and NGOs in the world?


Which NGOs are working on the yamuna cleaning project?

i myself want the answer

Who went to the Copenhagen conference?

193 countries and numerous NGOs.

What is the function of ngos in the Philippines history?

The function of NGOs in the Philippines' history has been provision of aid. Most of them are set up in areas where there is poverty, health hazards, poor education and so on.

What is meaning of ngosamachar?

ngosamachar means news of ngos realeted in India

Role of NGOs in disaster management?

NGOs are responsible for the delivery of services to the people who have been effected by a disaster. They can often mobilize faster than the government agencies. They can provide additional services to fill in service gaps.

What are the release dates for Changing the World on Vacation NGOs and the Politics of Compassion - 2012?

Changing the World on Vacation NGOs and the Politics of Compassion - 2012 was released on: USA: 1 July 2012 (DVD premiere)

What are NGOs?

NGOs are non-governmental organisations are not-for-profit organisations, voluntary associations of people and communieties, may work at local, regional, national or international level. The are organised for a mission with aims and objects of common social good. NGOs determine issues and programmes according to their aims and implement through various activities. They get funding from the charities, donors and Government agencies to perform social services and humanitarian functions. They are the catalists of society and work as a agent of social change to bridge the gap between people and Governments ensuring people's participation in development for implementation of programmes and projects. Mainly there are two type of NGOs first, the development based NGOs those are engaged in developmental work and resource management; and others are issue based NGOs, working for civil and fundamental rights of people and communities.

Are parliamentary meetings and rallies by ngos sufficient to safe the green cover of this planet?


Name some NGOs in India?

Red crossPublic trustWWF

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Khang ngos the answer!