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Saturn was also known as Saturnus (in Roman), and Cronus (in Greek).

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Q: What are Other names for Saturn in Greek or Roman?
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Who is the son of Saturn in Greek mythology?

Saturn is not Greek but the Roman equivalent of Cronus. His sons (Roman names) are Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Their Greek names are Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

Are there any myths or legends about Saturn?

In Roman mythology, (greek mythology with the names changed) Saturn is Father Time, aka Chronos. (chronology) In Roman mythology, (greek mythology with the names changed) Saturn is Father Time, aka Chronos. (chronology)

Does Saturn have any other names?

Yes and no. Saturn is the Roman version of the Greek god Cronus. The thing is is that they are two very different gods with very different myths.

Why Saturn is named after the roman god of harvest?

Saturn is the Roman god of fertility. The Roman gods are simply the Greek gods under different names. For an example, Venus is Aphrodite.

Why did Saturn get its name?

Saturn is named for the Roman god of agriculture. Saturn has been given many names over the years. he Greek equivalent of Saturn is Cronos.

What are other roman names for greek god Apollo?

Apollo is both the Greek and Roman name.

How did Saturn the planet gets its name?

· Saturn is named after the Roman god Saturn. In other mythologies Saturn is supposed to be equal to the Greek Kronos, the Babylonian Ninurta and the Hindu God Shani.

What are other names for Roman god mercury?

His Greek name is Hermes.

Characters of greek and roman myths?

Greek 1.Aphrodite 2.Artemis 3.Athena 4.Cronus In Roman Names 1.Venus 2.Dianna 3.Minerva 4.Saturn

What were poseidon's other names?

Neptune, was the Roman equivalent of the Greek Poseidon. I've never heard of any other names for him.

Is Saturn kronos?

Technically, yes. In Greek mythology, Kronos was a titan. When the Romans adopted the Greek gods, they simply changed their names and gave them somewhat more warlike personalities. The Romans renamed Kronos Saturn. So Saturn is Kronos`s Roman name.

What were the Greek and Roman names for goddess love?

Greek : Aphrodite Roman : Venus

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