What are Philippines discriminatory and prejudicial employment practices?

Some employment laws exist in the Philippines. However employees and job applicants are openly discriminated and abused on the grounds of sex, age, appearance, background, educational achievements, race, wages, illegal sackings, employer tolerance of bullying in the workplace, little or no work benefits, anti-union practices, no staff supervision, no staff appraisals, threats of poor or no references..etc etc . And its big name and small Companies that are equally quilty of such employee abuses.

Examples. -specifying gender preferences in adverts, specifying age brackets, demanding photos on applicants' cv, staff being sacked for no reason on the day and without wages or commission paid, wages being withheld, you need a college diploma just to serve hamburgers or clean the toilets. It's pretty much like other illegal issues in the Philippines when the Government wont enforce whatever laws exist to protect the public.