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What are Portugal's typical foods?

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Soups: Green Soup (Caldo Verde), Chicken Soup (Canja de galinha), Gaspacho, "Stone Soup" (Sopa da pedra).

Fish: Fish Stew (Caldeirada), Cod fish (one thousand different ways), all sorts of grilled fresh fish like Sardine and Horse mackerel.

Rice: Duck Rice (Arroz de pato), Seafood Rice (Arroz de Marisco), Cabidela Rice either with poultry or rabbit and it's cooked with the animal's blood (Arroz de Cabidela).

Meat: "Cozido à Portuguesa" (different kinds of meat boiled with several vegetables - potatoes, carrots, cabbage, beans), "Feijoada" (Stew of beans with several kinds of meat), "Carne de porco à Alentejana" (Pork, clams and cubed French fries), Roasted lamb, Tripe, Grilled chicken (frango assado).

Other dishes or appetizers: Octopus (salad, stew or boiled), Shrimp (Camarão/Gamba), Snails (Caracóis), Lupini beans (Tremoços), "Francesinhas", "Açorda", "Migas", "Couratos" (grilled pork rind), "Pipis", "Moelas", "Iscas", "Torresmo", Clams like Donax and Blue messel. Also a great variety of "Enchidos" (some kind of sausages), Cheeses and Whines.

Pastries and desserts: Pastel de Nata, Bola de Berlim, Pão-de-ló, Leite-creme, Arroz Doce (rice pudding), Aletria, Pudim flã, Toucinho do céu, Ovos moles, Torta de Azeitão, Pastel de Belém, Pastel de Feijão, Queijada de Sintra, Sonhos, Fartura/Churro, Rabanada, Coscorões, Bolo-Rei, Chocolate mousse, etc.

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Q: What are Portugal's typical foods?
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