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Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: * Smeragle and Ditto can both be found in Emerald. However, these Pokemon (in the old games had no limitations) can learn moves from one another, causing moves being learned that should not be learned. * In the newer games, Smeragle cannot learn Transform and Ditto cannot use Sketch (it will always fail).

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Q: What are Smeragle and Ditto's limitations in Pokemon?
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Can you breed male Eevees with Dittos?

you can breed dittos with any Pokemon besides legendary Pokemon Yes, ditto can breed with any Pokemon as long as its not in the non egg group

What do you get when you breed 2 dittos in Pokemon platinum?

You can't.

Can you breed other Pokemon with a dito?

yes. Any Pokemon can breed with a Ditto. The outcome of the Pokemon will be the one that you bred with the ditto. the only way to breed dittos is to use 2 dittos.

Pokemon dp how many dittos can you catch?

You can catch as much as you want.

How do you get diddo Pokemon in Pokemon black 2?

Dittos can be found in Giant Chasm and hidden grottos

What happens if 2 dittos lay an egg?

it will be a random pokemon. i know because my friend put 2 dittos in daycare and the egg hatched into raquaza.

How fast do dittos breed in soulsilver?

Dittos breed fairly fast with themselves. With others, it depends heavily on what Pokemon you are breeding it with. Rarer Pokemon take much longer than the average Bidoof does. It depends on what Pokemon you are breeding it with entirely.

Do you have to have a Ditto to breed Pokemon?

No, you do not. You need a male and a female pokemon within the same egg group, or ditto and a pokemon or two dittos

Can a pinsor breed with a Ditto?

Dittos are renown for their ability to copulate and recreate any Pokemon.

How do you find Ditto in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can find dittos in the grass around the daycare

What wild Pokemon are in the battle frontier?

at the battle frontier there is only smeragle 40-50 and a sudowoodo on 50 actually sudowoodo is lvl 40 at the battle frontier

Where do you find dittos in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You find it in the cave where you find mewtwo at about level 45 to 50

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