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New Hampshire - Hampshire England New York - York England New Jersey - Jersey England

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Q: What are States named after countries?
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How many states or countries are there that are named Georgia?


Elements named after states?

There are eleven elements that are named after states, countries an geographical features. Californium is named after California. Francium is named after France. Gallium is named after the Latin word for France, Gallia. Germanium was named after Germany, Germania.

What countries have a city named philadelphia?

The United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Are all sports teams named after cities?

That depends on what sport. In sports such as baseball, yes. Also, the teams can be named after countries, or provinces/states, like in the CFL.

How many countries are named after a person?

According to information found on Wikipedia, there are 38 countries named after people. The most notably are The Philippines named after King Philip II of Spain, El Salvador named for Jesus (The Savior) and Columbia named for Christopher Columbus. The United States of America is also named for a person; however, it has long been disputed as to whether the country was named for Amerigo Vespucci or Richard Amerike.

Which countries flag is named the old glory?

Old Glory or the Stars and Stripes is the flag of the United States of America.

Does Ontario have any other important Features?

Many countries/states have cities named Ontario need to specify which one.

How many people are named Caitlin?

There is no way to know exactly how many people in the world are named Caitlin. Caitlin is a very popular name in countries like the United States and there are over 1000 people named Caitlin.

How states have a city named springfeild?

All states have a city named Springfield.

What states have cities named Bloomington?

What states have a city named bloomington

What is the difference between a certificate of live birth and a birth certificate?

They both are the same but has been named differently in different countries and states.

What are the differences between birth certificates and certificates of live birth?

They both are the same but has been named differently in different countries and states.

What countries have towns named Alaska?

The United States all I know, and the only one I know of is a ghost town in West Virginia.

How our states came about?

The states were named by the movement and development. This is how they named the states one by one.

If continents are divided into countries and countries are often divided into states than what are states divided into?

Continent's= countries Countries = states States = city's

How many girls are named Mary?

According to the related website, 3220525 women or girls in the United States are named Mary. Of course there are many in other English-speaking countries, such as Canada and England. No doubt there are also several who have that name spelled the way in countries where other languages are spoken.

What us states have a town named mistletoe?

No states have a town named Mistletoe.

How many states are divided into countries?

No states are divided into countries in the United States.

What are the countries and states of the world?

195 countries and 290 states

How many states have cities named Jacksonville?

There are 15 states with a city named Jacksonville.

What states have a town or city named Wilmington?


Are there any countries in West Virginia?

None. West Virginia is a state within the country named the United States of America, It does have counties though, A total of 55 of them

What Countries have croodile?

No countries have any animal named croodile

How many US states are named after kings or queens?

11 out of the 50 states are named after someone

How many states were named for famous people?

20 states wear named after famous people