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A group of island in the Atlantic Ocean off the southeast coast of the United States
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Landforms in the Bahamas?

The islands are low lying, and have no mountains. . The islands of The Bahamas were formed from coral. This is why they are topographically very low. The highest point in The Bahamas is only 63 meters high.

Who is the leader of the Bahamas?

Arthur Hanna . Answer . Queen ElizabethII is the ceremonial head of state, represented by the Governor-General, Arthur Dion Hanna. The Prime Minister is the head of government, currently it is Hubert Ingraham.

What country are the Bahamas in?

The Bahamas are an independent nation and are part of the British Commonwealth of Nations.. and the Caricom

Why did they call the Bahamas the Bahamas?

It's from the Spanish word "bajamar" which translates into shallow water. The entire archipelago of The Bahamas is in relatively shallow water for being in the Atlantic Ocean. Google "bahamas nasa" in images and you'll see why this name is fitting...

Where are the Bahamas?

The Bahamas are in the Atlantic Ocean, north of Hispaniola and Cuba, south east of the United States, and northwest of Turks and Caicos. The country lies between latitudes 20° and 28°N, and longitudes 72° and 80°W.

Are there mountains on the Bahamas?

there are 4 ranges of mountains in the Bahamas. 1. cat lavern 2. roko mount lavern 3. cat virgin island 4. kehert palm region these mountains are the most famous in the Bahamas and are very well known. when people vist the Bahamas, these mountains are the most visted place out of anywhere ( Full Answer )

Plants of Bahamas?

Plants that grow in the Bahamas are the Allamanda and the Centuryplant. Bougainvilleas and coconut palm trees also grow in theBahamas.

How Do You Get To The Bahamas?

By airplane, cruise, or just start swimming from Miami, Florida. hehehe... Bahamas is located in the North Atlantic Ocean on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, 72 kilometers (45 miles) southeast from Florida.

What is the vegitation of the Bahamas?

The Bahamas has mostly just the basics (fruits, vegetables, etc.). Most food in the Bahamas is shipped in from other countries, which is why prices can be fairly steep. But the ocean makes land by the sea very fertile.

Is there weddings in the Bahamas?

Yes. The Bahamas is a popular place for destination weddings and it is quit easy to have your wedding in the Bahamas. As all you need is a Bahamas government issued marriage license and a Bahamas licensed Marriage Officer to perform the ceremony.

What climate does the Bahamas have?

The Bahamas has a "tropical maritime" or "tropical marine" climate. In Summer, humidity in the Bahamas is high, while temperatures range from 27 to 32°C. In winter, there is less humidity and temperatures range between 21-27°C. Night-time temperatures tend to be 5-7 degrees cooler. Temperat ( Full Answer )

Who is a tourtist in the Bahamas?

A tourist is any individual who leaves their place of residence to go into foreign landsfor leisure or business. And, in this case The Bahamas

What can you do in the Bahamas?

There are many activities that you can do in the Bahamas. It depends if you like an outdoor and indoor activities. For outdoor activities, you can go for diving, swimming, kayaking, fishing, shopping, touring around the island and a whole lot more. For indoors, there are also casinos in the Bahamas ( Full Answer )

Sq.km of Bahamas?

it has a 5320 sq mile arcihipelago. that's because there are many islands in the Bahamas it has a 5320 sq mile arcihipelago. that's because there are many islands in the Bahamas it has a 5320 sq mile arcihipelago. that's because there are many islands in the Bahamas

Are there waterfalls in the Bahamas?

The islands of the Bahamas are coral atols and cays. As a result they are very flat. The highest point is only about 200 feet above sea level. There is only one river, on Andors Island which has a typical elevation of about 5 feet. The only place you will find waterfalls in the Bahamas is at the res ( Full Answer )

What are the ports of the Bahamas?

Imports: . Machinery . Transportation . Exports: . Mineral products . Salt . Animal products . Rum (Beer) . Chemicals . Fruits . Vegetables . Natural Recouces: . Salt . Aragonite . Timber . Arable land

Where is Bahamas situated?

The island nation of the Bahama is located just east of the US city of Miami.

Are mermaid in the Bahamas?

I have a bunch of family members in the bahamas some say no mermaids are real but minority of the older ones say that they heard they sit on the rocks in harbor island at night & sing and jump back in the water if they hear any sounds of humans. So me & my friends are going to stakeout on the beach ( Full Answer )

How were the Bahamas formed?

The Bahamas were formed from volcanos originally but, when theBahamian Hotspot went away coral reef grew and then eroded awaymaking many, many, many small islands which people eventuallyinhabited. Another theory is that some land came off of Africa back in PangeaTimes and when North America split aw ( Full Answer )

Are the Bahamas an island?

its called Bahamas because it has many islands it isn't just one. that's why they call it bahma" s " because it is plural there are more than one island. or if there were one it would be called bahama_

How was the Bahamas created?

We can't say who created them, but we do know that Christopher Columbus landed there-- he probably didn't realize where he had landed, but most historians do believe that is where he first made landfall. The Spanish government did not turn the Bahamas into a colony, however. Instead, they captured a ( Full Answer )

What cities are in the Bahamas?

Ten biggest cities in the Bahamas . Nassau (capital) - 226,100 . Freeport - 50,400 . Coopers Town - 7,200 . Marsh Harbour - 4,600 . Freetown - 4,100 . High Rock - 3,900 . Andros Town - 3,500 . Clarence Town - 2,200 . Arthur's Town - 1,700 . Dunmore Town - 1,500

What is the religion of the Bahamas?

Most people in the Bahamas are Christian (around 92 percent). There is no state religion. And their is also English and many more but manly Cristen. .

Bahamas sports what do they do?

There just normally sports that are played on sand...Could mean like soccer, or wiffleball, or even Vollyball! The Bahamas, though small on the map is very diverse. Football, soccer, track & field, boxing, weight lifting, baseball, softball, cricket, rugby, swimming, water polo, tennis, golf and m ( Full Answer )

What is it in the Bahamas?

Bahamas is a popular vacation destination because of its stunning beaches, picturesque views, and world-class hotel and resorts. There are wide range of activities that are offered in the island. Tourist can explore the beautiful and dream beaches of the island, they can go for shopping, sight seein ( Full Answer )

How did the word Bahamas become Bahamas?

Christopher Columbus called the island "Baja Mar" meaning shallow sea. During his expedition he noticed that the coral reefs, and sandy shoals in the island that makes it difficult for their ship to navigate. Thus, the name of the Bahamas Island was taken from this name. The word Bahamas means "the ( Full Answer )

What is distance to Bahamas?

The air distance from Clearwater, Florida, to Freeport, Bahamas, is 268 miles. That equals 432 kilometers or 233 nautical miles.

What is celebrated in the Bahamas?

Junkanoo is a national festival in The Bahamas, the only placewhere it holds such an honor. They take place every Boxing Day andNew Year's Day.

What hemisphere is Bahamas in?

The Bahamas are located in both the western and northernhemispheres. The country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean andlocated off the coast of Southeast Florida.

Is Bahamas hispanic?

No the Bahamas is not Hispanic. 80% of the people are of African ancestry and the other are of European decent.

If your from the Bahamas what are you?

bahamian and also a descendant of a Lucayan Indian. Which were the original inhabitants when Christopher Columbus landed here in San Salvador in 1492.

What resturants do they have in the Bahamas?

we have all most very restaurant in the states.like outback,bennigans,ect ect.we even have some sushi. Bahamian food rocks!!!!!!!have some conch salad!!!!!!i bet you Americans don't even know what a conch is!- _-

Does the bahama have surfing?

The Bahamas yeah, just about any where with big waves. Any beach really, you can even surf where the waves break and where boogie boards are usually at.

What are Bahamas neighbors?

The Bahamas are islands. The closest countries are ~ The USA (state of Florida) ~ Cuba

How old are the Bahamas?

Almost as old as the world! Just ask google or answers.com how old the world is, and that's probably your anwer.

Are there crocodiles in Bahamas?

Yes .But only on some islands.They are found in and around andros island,But some places where you would never find them in the bahamas are: Nassau Freeport Grand bahama island.

Are there facts about the Bahamas?

Bahamas comes from the spanish word "baja mar" meaning shallow water. They have no army. 120 plant species only found in the bahamas. No rivers there. National bird: flamingo national fish: blue marlin national tree: lignum vitae national flower: yellow elder. Population 250,000. Good medical facult ( Full Answer )

Are the Bahamas volcanic?

No. The Bahama are made of limestone, with much of the materialcoming from old coral reefs.

What is a song in the Bahamas?

Good Morning Mr Fisher. I get do right in. You get swing. Dis a Bahamian ting. Da Barefoot Bandit.

How can you get to the Bahamas?

There are many ways on how to can get to the Bahamas, you can use a chartered and scheduled air flights, cruise ship, private airplane or private boat. It depends on how much transportation means you can afford to reach Bahamas..

Is the Bahamas an ocean?

uh...no. it's a country, a group of islands. called an archipelago. it's surrounded by the caribbean ocean. i sincerely hope that helps

Is the Bahamas mountainous?

No, I don't think the Bahamas are mountainous. Just simply go on Google images and you would know that I'm not lying. lol

Who are the explorers in the Bahamas?

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Is the Bahamas butiful?

yes,bahamas is fun like atlantis down town and sheraton i know because i live there im only 10 and am black i live in the west. the best places in the west in the bahamas is lyford cay west ridge cable beach west bay street down town and gamber fly to bahamas the schools a way better the streets and ( Full Answer )

What is the capital of grand bahama Bahamas?

While Freeport is the largest and more widely populated city onGrand Bahama Island, a western settlement called West End is theactual capital city of the island.

Where are the Bahamas located?

The Bahamas are located southeast of the Florida coast, about 155 miles from Miami. The chain of islands is also slightly northeast of Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean.

Where in the Bahamas is Grand Bahama located?

Grand Bahama is the northernmost island of the Bahamas island chain. It is approximately fifty-six miles off of the coast of Florida and its easiest access point is in Freeport Harbor.