What are WWE r truth theme song lyrics?


people over there Wassup

if you feel me stand up and say Wassup


You can get with this

or you can get with that

you better get with this

'cause this is where its at


I be skipping and jumping

leaving the competition

make them disappear

like your favorite Magician

ride that Lil thingy till the wheels fall off

And bouncing back to back till they necks get soft

most of the time you see me

I'm just being simple

must be trying to hide

cause I'm a bust you like a pimple

state my clam to fame

to be one of the baddest young brothers to step foot in the game

and I haven't even started yet

you better believe it

I'm gonna take off show shot dead

Wassup (x8) R-Truth is back coming Even stronger y'all boy ain't ready for this the Miz ain't nothing just a trash talking b***h wassup(x8)