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What are What are facts about Martinique?


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Martinique is a place in the world with banks. I tried looking it up for you guys but it gave me like a whole flipping paragraph on banks. you can look it up yourself. stop being lazy and go look it up on flipping google for gosh sakes and you know what, it is just as easy to look up what u want to know instead of putting something this stupid on here i mean seriously I'm not gonna go on and on about this because i have to find my own info about this dumb country because of history so BYE have a good day :)
Its capital is Fort-de France

It is in North America


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La Martinique, fleur des Caraibes (Martinique, flower of the Caribbean).

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The area of Martinique is 1,128 square kilometers. The population of Martinique is 436,000 people.

The Hotel Martinique is a company that provides Hotel Listings, Car Rentals and Cruises for Martinique. Martinique is an island in the Caribbean. On the website, you will find everything you need to set up a whole vacation in Martinique.

Martinique does not speak Dutch. For more information about the languages of Martinique, click here.

Yes. Martinique is volcanic.

Euro is the currency used in Martinique

The state flower of Martinique is... Anguilla

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Martinique is an overseas region of France.

The national sport of Martinique is football

Martinique franc ended in 2002.

Martinique is in the northern hemisphere.

Martinique Amazon was created in 1905.

Martinique Macaw was created in 1905.

Air Martinique ended in 2000.

Air Martinique was created in 1974.

The name of the volcano in Martinique is Mt Pele'e

the longest river in martinique is Grande river

Serge Letchimy Martinique, President

Martinique is an overseas department of France.

All places in Martinique speak French.

No. The majority of the people of Martinique are Catholic.

The Carbet Peaks are a mountain range in Martinique.

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