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What is a Wired Broadband? Simply put, a wired connection is when two electrical commodities are connected through a wire or cable. Hence, as the name suggests, a wired broadband is when there is a physical connection between your network and the network of your internet service provider.

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Wired broadband is a broadband connection made with a cable. With a wireless connection, a cable is unnecessary.

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Q: What are Wired Broadband?
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How many ways are there to connect to the internet?

There are two general ways that someone can connect to the internet, either by wired broadband or wireless broadband. Examples of a wired broadband connections are by dial-up or cable. Examples of wireless broadband connections are by Wi-Fi or satellite.

How do you convert wired broadband to wireless?

get wireless router

How do you connect to Xbox live wired?

Broadband. Ethernet cord.

What allows the sharing of a broadband internet connection?

A wired or wireless router.

What allows sharing of a broadband internet connection?

A wired or wireless router.

What is the fastest broadband connection?

Connect Broadband is the fastest broadband connection. It gives you the option to choose wired or wireless internet connection as per your requirement. To know more, you can visit Connect Broadband also offers you very exciting plans at a very reliable price.

How is wireless broadband internet usage less secure than wired internet usage?

Wireless broadband is less secure than wired internet because anyone who is close enough can access the system and try to hack in. A wired system is more secure because there is typically only one user on site. Poor security passwords and allowing people onto the premises will make it just as insecure.

Which is more faster wired or wire less internet and why?

SKytel wireless broadband solutions and why because it 's my comany

How do you get wireless online connection?

If you have broadband internet you can purchase a wireless router which will allow both wired and wireless connections.

Do you have to have broadband Internet to connect my Wii to the Internet?

In order to connect the Wii console to a wired access point (such as a wired router or broadband modem*), you will need the Wii LAN Adapter. The Wii LAN Adapter enables a connection from an ethernet port on your wired access point, to one of the USB ports on the back of the Wii console. Please note that other, non-Nintendo manufactured devices may not work correctly with the Wii console.

What do need to get online on the PS3?

Broadband box that's either wireless or wired and make sure the ps3 is connected to it. Then sign in to playstation network.

What do you need to get the ps3 to have a wired internet connection?

u need a broadband connection & an ethernet cable . and ether a modem or router or both

Why is broadband cable less commonly used by businesses than dsl or t-carrier services?

Because most office buildings are not wired with coaxial cable

Does the Linksys E1000 work on online ps3?

It will work for both a wired connection with an ethernet cable and wireless connection if it is also connected to the broadband internet service

How can you get your PS3 online using a wired BT voyager usb adsl modem and AOL broadband silver?

First simplifie it, but connect with the DSL modem and there ya go ;)

What do you need to connect a ps3 online using broadband?

For wired connection a router and ethernet cable long enough to go from router to the back of PS3 and an internet service.

What is wired broadband?

Verizon FiOS & Verizon Broadband Services offer blazing speed & crystal clarity of the 100% fiber optic Fios network & proven reliability for their TV, Internet & phone products that will exceed your expectations today & keep you connected down the road.

How do you change your wired broadband to wireless?

Cut the wires off. You'll need a wireless router or router/modem combination. Also, your computer will need to have a wireless card. The router will be physically wired to the modem. It talks to your computer via a radio signal.

Can a regular PS3 be connected wireless?

Yes it can be if you have a broadband internet service with wireless connection capability the PS3 has the ability to connect to it.It can also be connected with an ethernet cable for a wired connection

What is the difference between isp and broadband?

They are entirely different terms. ISP(Internet Service Provider) is any company which provides access to the internet via wireless or wired media like copper, fibre, coaxial etc. Broadband is defined as any internet connection with a minimum speed of 512kbps in Indian context.

What carriers offer anytime broadband for laptops and how much is it?

Wirefly offers the latest laptop cards at great prices. 4G LTE Mobile Broadband and Mobile Broadband Capable Mobile Hotspot wirelessly anywhere, anytime, without a Wi-Fi hotspot or a wired connection. Most carriers' standard data plan offers 5 GB (or gigabytes) of data use per month for about $60 per month

What would prevent PS3 from connecting to the Internet via broadband and error 80710102 to occur?

personally i wld try if your internet is wirless get wired lead from somewhere like amazon . then it shld not happen .

How do you hook up a wired connection wi-fi to the Wii?

You need to buy an adapter at Nintendo's Online Store for $25. The adapter connects the USB port on the Wii to you broadband internet connection.

Why is broadband cable less commonly used by buisnesses than DSL or T-carrier services?

a. Because most office buildings are not wired with coaxial cable

Is it feasible to use a DSL into a house?

Yes a DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, can definitely be run into a personal residence. A DSL connection can be easily achieved with either wired or wireless broadband routers.

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