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they're the 2 selections of mystery gift.

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βˆ™ 2005-08-15 22:29:44
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Q: What are Wonder Cards and Wonder News?
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How do you get Wonder Cards and Wonder News?

Do you have to go to Nintendo Events and plug in? can you do it at home?

Why are there only Wonder Cards and Wonder News but no Wonder Gifts in Pokemon FireRed?

The two Mystery Gift options can only be used by hooking up to a machine at a Pokemon event. There is no such thing as a Wonder Gift - there is only Wonder News and Wonder Cards.

How come when you click mystery gift there is only Wonder news and wonder cards in Pokemon Emerald?

Because there is!

If there is no Wonder Gift why are people saying you use the wonder gift something something something And also what does Wonder news and Wonder Cards do?

There is just go to a Nintindo event.

Is there a way to get 4 wonder cards?

what do you mean 'wonder cards'?

What is wonder card and wonder news?

A wonder card is something you get when you get an item. Sadly there is no such thing as wonder news in Pokemon

When you have the mystery gift option in fire red it only says wonder news and wonder cards why doesnt it say wonder gifts?

i don't know but i think u can get aurora and mystic ticket there

Where is Wonder News in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Wonder News in Pokemon FireRed, whatever that is.

What is wonder cards in Pokemon?

Wonder cards are something you get after a Pokemon event. They tell you the event, day, month and year.

Where to get wonder cards?

On the Nitendo WFC.

Why do most of the answers say wonder gift and wonder news but it actually says wonder news and wonder card?

Maybe they were mistaken, anyway it doesn't really matter.i really don't know.....

Where and how can you get a wonder card a wonder gift and wonder news?

From special events at game stops and toys r us

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