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mainly cyber cards just make sure that they are machines and have power bond and different demension capsule.

*Zane Truesdale's cards in the anime "Yu-Gi-Oh GX" originally are based on Cyber Dragon, Cyber Lazer Dragon, Cyber Barrier Dragon, Cyber Twin Dragon, Cyber End Dragon, Cyber Kirin, Cyber Phoenix, and Power Bond. Later in the anime, he traded in his "Light Cyber" deck for the "Cyber Dark" deck. Those cards consisted of Cyber Dark Horn, Cyber Dark Edge, Cyber Dark Keel, Chimaeratech Overdragon, and Cyber Dark Dragon. There is a detailed wikipedia page dedicated to him, if you want to know more. -Dragonheart91*

Just go to and look up Zane. They have a list of all of his cards.

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Q: What are Zane Trusdale's Yu-Gi-Oh cards?
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