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It depends entirely on what state you live in. Contact your local family court and they can assist you.

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Q: What are a father's rights?
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What is the possessive noun phrase for the rights of fathers?

The possessive noun phrase is the fathers' rights.

What is the possessive noun phrase of the rights of fathers?

The possessive noun phrase is the fathers' rights.

What rights do unwed fathers have to their child in Alabama?

Unwed fathers have several rights in the state of Alabama. The fathers can see the children, they can pay child support, and the fathers can request visitation.

When did Fathers Rights-Responsibility Party end?

Fathers Rights-Responsibility Party ended in 2010.

When was Fathers Rights-Responsibility Party created?

Fathers Rights-Responsibility Party was created in 2007-02.

Why did the Founding Fathers say little about individual rights?

The Founding Fathers said a very great deal about individual rights.

What rights will fathers have if DNA proves they are not the father?

Then you have no rights to that child.

What is the possessive noun phrase for the right of fathers?

The possessive form of the plural noun fathers is: the fathers' rights.

What are a fathers legal rights during pregnancy?

During the pregnancy he has no rights.

What are father's rights in the state of Illinois?

Married fathers have equal rights until court ordered otherwise, but single fathers have no rights until court ordered. see links below

Who created the Bill of Rights?

The founding fathers.

Why did the founding fathers create a bill of rights?


If a fathers signs an affidavit of relinquishment of parental rights do the fathers parents have any rights to the child as grandparents?

Yes since he can't do it. see link

What were the achievements of the Founding Fathers?

Freedom humane rights

What is the minimum visitation rights for fathers?

Ask your lawyer about that.

What form can relinquish the fathers rights?

see link

Who formed the English Bill of Rights?

The founding fathers

Who is is known as the fathers of the bill of rights?

Thomas Jefferson

Who has custody rights in Virginia if not married?

Only Arizona has a law granting single fathers any presumed rights to a child born outside wedlock. I teach single fathers how to get their rights. See link below

Did the founding fathers write the bill of rights?

The Bill of Rights was written by people who were among the founding fathers. James Madison was the original author of the US Bill of Rights, basing much of what he wrote on the Virginia Bill of Rights authored by George Mason.

In Australia what are a fathers rights to unborn child?

He has no rights until the child is born even if he can prove it is his.

Do fathers have legal rights to their children while incarcerated?

Their rights are not suspended, but the visitation needs to be modified

Who is the founder of the Bill of Rights?

There was no single founder of the Bill of Rights. But the founders were known as the founding fathers.

What rights does a mother have to terminate the fathers rights to their child?

She can't decide that but she can petition the court to do so.

You live in Nebraska and the mother of your unborn child wants to move out of state What can you do?

for all have rights! is not only the mothers baby but is also your baby.go to an attorney and speak about fathers rights