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What are a few input devices?

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An input device is a device that is used to input data or information into a computer. Some examples of input devices inc
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  • Computer mice
  • Touchpads
  • Trackballs
  • Image scanners
  • Webcams
  • Barcode scanners
  • Video capture / tuner cards
  • Microphones
  • MIDI instruments
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Is a CPU an input device or an output device?

A CPU is a central processing unit. It is neither an input nor an output device, but it is usually connected to both kinds of devices. An input device would be a keyboard or a mouse. And output device would be a printer, a hard or floppy drive, or a memory chip in a thumb drive.

Is a touch screen an input device?

Its more of an bidirectional device......it shows u the output graphic data as well as helps u select ur option.........

Names of all input devices?

Input Devices Before computers, the phrase "input device" probably was not on the tip of anyone's tongue. It has a dry and impersonal sound, sorta technical - rather like computer talk, don't you think? The phrase is easy to define because a "device" is an instrument that performs a simple task. "In ( Full Answer )

Usb is input device or output device?

Universal serial bus is used to get data as well as to put data into computer system,so we can say that it is used for both purposes.... Regards: apnay_stars@yahoo.com (S&S 4ever)

Is a storage device an input or output device?

A storage device is both an input and output device. I has to be if it is to store something like data. Consider that a hard drive is a computer memory device, and data is both written to and read from the hard drive during normal operation of the computer. If the hard drive did not have the capab ( Full Answer )

Which storage devices used as input devices?

As far as I know, no storage device is an input device but data can be inputted on to it. Unless a program is running from a storage device and transfers data to another then it might be considered an input device but that's it.

What is input device and output device?

Input devices - input devices describe any operation ,program,or device that transfers data to the computer. Input devices are controlled by the users. input devices ex- 1.mouse 2.keyboard 3.joystick Output devices - output devices are machines displ ( Full Answer )

Input device vs output device?

An input device is any device that is used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system. Examples: . Keyboard . Mouse . Microphone . Web cam . An output device is any computer hardware equipment used to communicate the results of data processing carried out by ( Full Answer )

Is platter a input device or output device?

\nAn interesting question. Typically, devices fall into a category of 'input' or 'output'. A monitor, for example, would universally be regarded as an output device. A keyboard, an input device. \n. \nA platter, which I'm assuming is a hard drive platter and not a delicious halal meal, falls neatly ( Full Answer )

What are the input devices and output devices?

input devices put information in your computer and output devices give out info. . Here is a more "elaborate" answer. Input Devices: . Keyboard . Mouse . Stylus . Scanner . Digital Camera Output Devices: . Monitor . Printer . Speakers Kyeboard

Differentiate input device from output device?

An input device is any piece of hardware that allows data (in any form) into a computer: a keyboard, a camera, a scanner are all in put devices. (input = put in) An output device is any piece of hardware that allow users (us) to either see or remove data from a computer: monitors and printers a ( Full Answer )

Is a microphone a input device or output device?

A microphone is (put simply) a magnet inside a coil of wire. When the noise vibrations hit the magnet it moves creating an electronic field around the wire. That electricity goes in to your computer. A microphone is an input device.

Which devices are input and ouput devices?

outputs are storage devices but inputs are not. inputs sends things into the computer but outputs send things out. input devices are keyboard ,scanner, web cam and mouse. output devices include monitor, printer and speaker

Why are there more input devices that output devices?

I'm not sure what you mean. As far as I am aware, there exists an input for every output, and vise versa. Speakers Microphone Monitor Scanner Printer Digitizer Text Keyboard Storage External storage (CDs, DVDs, BDs, SDs, CFs, FDs, etc.)

What is the component name of an input device?

Microsoft DirectInput 5.0 and later versions communicate directly with the HID class driver. Vendor-supplied function drivers are not required to support DirectInput applications that access HIDClass devices. In addition, DirectInput applications do not have to interface directly with a HIDClass dev ( Full Answer )

Diagram of input and output devices?

A diagram for input and output is typically shaped like a diamond.On one end you have the input, then arrows show where that inputgoes; this is typically to multiple locations. The arrows will thenshow how the information arrives at the output destination.

What is the input devices for microwave device?

...The door? The refrigerator/freezer (though it requires a manual interface, in which you take the food out of the freezer and put it in the microwave by hand). Also, the buttons on a microwave might be considered an input device. There is no microwave input device in terms of home computers (wi ( Full Answer )

Is rom a input or output device?

ROM can refer to many things. For example, the full name for a CD is a CD-ROM which stands for compact disc, read-only memory. So it acts as a storage device, and in some mind sets, could be considered input to the computer. In digital circuits a ROM is often used as a look up table type circuit an ( Full Answer )

What are the input devices of IPOD?

IPhone Interface. Listen to your iPod iPhone using your oem car stereo, is easy as connecting it to your computer with the correct iPod adapter. These iPod integration kits allow you to play your iPod through your factory speakers you can use the buttons on your car stereo to control the iPod or use ( Full Answer )

Define the output device and input device?

The Device that helps us to access or enter Data/Information to the computer, is called a Input Device. The Device that helps us to get result or response from the computer, is called a Output Device.

Is a keyboard is an input and output device?

Most keyboards are mainly input. Some have lights to tell if caps lock, num lock, or scroll lock is on. Some of the fancier ones have screens in each of the keys, but the average keyboard is an input device

Meaning and examples of input device?

An input device is a device that is connected to a computer in order to input data. An example would be a keyboard, mouse, joystick, scanner, etc.

What are Input and Output legacy devices?

Types of devices that are not Plug & Play (plugging in a device without installing software for it first) compatible. Usually a outdated device.

What are peripheral input devices?

A peripheral is a device attached to a host computer but not part of it, and is more or less dependent on the host. It expands the host's capabilities, but does not form part of the corecomputer architecture. Examples are computer printers, image scanners, tape drives, microphones, loudspeakers, w ( Full Answer )

Is a optical drive a input device?

It's input I think, not that sure, but I just know that it reads data from a disc and then views them onto the computer screen. :)

What is input and define the input device?

an input is a command usually entered by the user to ask the computer to perform some tasks. input device: keyboard, scanner, mouse, microphone, e . t . c

Is LCD an input device or output device?

It is a output device. Keyboard is an input because you use it to put information in the PC. LCD which is the screen out information. Answer 2 . An LCD device is not innately an input nor an output, it is just another transducer device, in this case converting electrical signals to light signals. ( Full Answer )

What devices is an input and output devices?

In computing, an input device is any peripheral (piece of computer hardware equipment) used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system such as a computer or other information appliance. An output device is any piece of computer hardware equipment used to communicate ( Full Answer )

Is voice recording device is a input device?

yes..yes a voice recording device takes voice as input and encode the voice into specific format that can be stored in a computer..so a voice recording device is an input device

What device is used as an input device?

If you are talking about computers there are a number (basicallyanything that collects data): Keyboard Mouse Digitizer Scanner A camera could also be considered an imput device

Is plotter a input device or an output device?

A plotter is a printer. And printers are both output and input devices,because you input data in it and revive data from it. so its an input and output device.

Which device can be consider as a input and out put device?

In relation to computers, there are many devices that can beconsidered input/output devices: Input: Mouse Keyboard Graphics Tablet Microphone Scanner Output: Monitor Speaker Printer Also, a touchscreen monitor can be considered both an input andoutput device.

Is headphones a input device or a output device?

If they are for hearing then its output device as they are notputting anything in to the computer, if they have a microphoneattached as well then they are input/output (i.e. microphone isinput, speakers are output)

Is a LCDan input device or output device?

It depends on the construction. A 'standard' LCD display is anoutput device only. However - if it's a 'touch-sensitive' screen -it's both an input and an output device.

Is a VDU a output device or input device?

It depends on the construction. A 'standard' monitor is simply anoutput device... however - a 'touch-sensitive' monitor is also aninput device.

What device are input and output device?

Typical output devices in a computer system are the monitor, speakers and the printer. Somedevices that perform both input AND output operations are referredto as I/O (input/output) devices and their operations are calledI/O operations. Examples of common input and output components are disk drive ( Full Answer )