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What are a marine biologist's working hours?

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Usually normal office hours unless you are at sea or have to do additional research.

2007-12-30 01:12:46
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Q: What are a marine biologist's working hours?
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How long do marine biologists work?

Marine biologists have no set number of hours. It depends on what time of year it is, what kind of maring biologist you are, and where you work.

How many hours do marine biologists work?

no body cares idiots

Who gets paid more marine biologists or vets?

marine biologists

What dangers do marine biologists face?

marine biologists usually die

Where do marine biologists work?

Marine biologists work underwater, on a boat, or in a laboratory.

What days do marine biologists work?

Marine biologists can work every day!

How many sick days does a marine biologist get?

Marine biologists do not get any particular number of sick days. That would depend on who you were working for.

Why do marine biologists study the creatures and animals that live in the sea?

because they are Marine biologists

What do marine biologists usually do?

they play with animals all day and make sure they are working properly

How many people are currently working as marine biologists?

I'm not sure but in the US there are around 100,000

What are facts about marine biologists?

Some facts about marine biologists include the fact that many marine biologists work in laboratories rather than out on the ocean. Some marine biologists study whales, some study sharks, and some work for facilities like Sea World or Marine Land.

Who hires marine biologists?

I do, i hire marine biologists to run around and kill fish. SWAG. ofwgkta.

How much do marine biologists get paid annually?

how much money do marine biologists get paid every year?

What kind of jobs to marine biologists do?

Marine biologists may be biological technicians, fishery biologists, marine mammalogists, microbiologists, systems analysts, or mathematicians. They can also be physicists, hydrologists, and physical oceanographers.

Do marine biologists get health insurance?

It all depends on where you are working, like in an office or out in the ocean. If you are working in the ocean that you will need a SCUBA health insurance.

Can marine biologists work in zoos?

Yes, if there are seals or penguins in a zoo their would be a marine biologist. Marine Biologists do not have to work in zoos though.

Who are the people who study the marine life?


Who are the people who study marine life?

Marine biologists

What do you need to study to be a marine biologists?

Marine biology

Do Marine biologists work in a group or alone?

sometimes marine biologists work in groups aqnd sometimes alone

Who are marine biologists?

A marine biologist is a person who studies marine organisms in the ocean.

How much do marine biologists make per year?

marine biologists get payed about $500,000 per year depending on how experienced you are

Who works with dolphins?

marine biologists

What do marine bioilogists do?

Marine biologists study things that live in the sea.

What degree do you need to be a marine biologists?

You need a degree in Marine Biology