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A person's characteristics is how they act and how they look. Physical characteristics could be things like color of eyes and hair. Personality characteristics could be if they are shy our outgoing.

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Q: What are a persons characteristics?
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Are a persons characteristics only determined by genes?


What is the interpretation of a persons characteristics from a study of their fingernails?


When you describe a persons physical characteristics you are describing their?


What is a nonexample?

It is theopposite of that persons characteristics BY:Yoshi R. Walker

What the difference between physical and human characteristics?

Physical characteristics mean characteristics that you can see such as hair, skin, and eye color. Emotional characteristics are traits that are a part of a persons personality.

Is it true all persons with Alzheimer's disease have the same characteristics?


What does it mean when two palms are the same?

The persons characteristics are the same also.

Are a persons characteristics determine only by its gene?

Yes and you get those from your parents

What are cultural characteristics?

Cultural characteristics are the uniform aspects of a culture that help to identify the persons of that culture. These aspects can be race, ethnicity, language, and values.

Many of a persons characteristics are determined by an interaction between genes and the environment?

true :P

What are the characteristics of gay and lesbian people?

Being sexually and romantically interested in persons of the same gender as your self, and not the other gender. Otherwise, there are no distinguishing characteristics.

How developed persionalty?

do you mean... How are personalities developed? And do you mean celebrity personalities or a persons characteristics as a personality?

What are the characteristics of 10th sep 1979 born persons?

The same as 11th sep 1979 born persons The same as 12th oct 1980 born persons The same as 13th nov 1981 born persons The same as 14th dec 1982 born persons The same as 15th Jan 1983 born persons The same as 16th feb 1984 born persons The same as 17th mar 1985 born persons The same as 18th apr 1986 born persons The same as 19th may 1987 born persons That being, that they are all persons - humans. The time of a birth will not affect one's "characteristics"... just the time period in which they will experience events. A man born in September is no different than a woman born in March... except for the gonads, perhaps.

Is religious a characteristic?

The word religious is one of the persons characteristics, because it affects are belief, speech, and actions.

What are the characteristics of fundamentalists?

Fundamentalists are persons who believe in the strict, literal interpretation of the scripture in whichever religion that they follow.

What are some characteristics of love?

Love has a variety of characteristics. Love is when someone would put the other person first, it see the beauty of the persons soul, and it is when someone feels they needs someone.

What is the Human behavior Organization?

this a topic where we are studying about the persons human behavior to know the different characteristics and abilities a person may have!

What are some characteristics of a bias essay?

Biases are caused by prejudices that influence a persons attitude or behavior. Characteristics of a bias essay could focus on prejudices or stereotypes that influence individuals, groups, communities or societies.

What is a drug courier profile?

A set of characteristics developed from past encounters with drug dealers and traffickers that may be used to identify persons who are not known to be involved in the drug trade but who may be drug carriers based on their possessions of the stereotypical characteristics.

What are personal qualities?

Personal qualities are the characteristics that make up a persons demeanor. Personal qualities can include their general disposition, work ethic, and moral values.

What are the 6 characteristics?

The Fourth Characteristics Of A Biography Are... 1) It must be about a real person 2) It must describe the persons environment such as where, when and how they lived 3) The author must expense his opinion on the person 4) it must inspire other readers and other authors

Why do you admire someone?

People admire others when particular characteristics are upheld. For example, if a persons work ethic is strong and you find this appealing, you may admire them for their work ethic.

What are the characteristics of persons with healthy mind?

People with a healthy mind are generally happy and in a good mood. They have drive and ambition. They can handle the minor stresses of daily living with ease.

Luke is interested in his familys history so he drew his family tree Luke knows that a persons physical characteristics are carried in their genes Approximately what percentage of genes did Luk?