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Sparrows are fringillilds,which means they are basicly seed eaters.They also consume some insects.Sparrows are related closely to cardinals,grosbeaks,finches and buntings.There are 245 species in this group worldwide.

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Are sparrows birds of prey?

No....sparrows belong to the finch and old world sparrow family. Birds of prey include eagles, vultures, hawks, falcons, etc.

What eats sparrows?

large bird of prey like a hawk large bird of prey like a hawk

Do coyotes eat sparrows?

Coyotes can eat sparrows but they are very small prey. My guess is that they would rather use their time hunting larger animals.

Do eagles eat sparrows?

No. Eagles prey on much larger creatures.

What is a group of sparrows?

The collective nouns for sparrows are:a host of sparrowsa meinie of sparrowsa quarrel of sparrowsa tribe of sparrowsa ubiquity of sparrows

What animals preys on sparrows?

Hawks, owls and other birds of prey, cats and their family, dogs, foxes, and the like,

What is a collective noun for sparrows?

The collective term for a group of sparrows is a host of sparrows, a quarrel of sparrows, or a flock of sparrows.

Do birds eat birds?

Yes. In some cases. For example the Sparrowhawk and other birds of prey eat smaller birds such as..... sparrows.

Do birds attack birds?

Yes, for example hawks, falcons, and other birds of prey often eat small birds such as sparrows and pigeons.

What is a flock of sparrows called?

A group of sparrows is most commonly called a "host" of sparrows.They can also be called a "knot" of sparrows. Sometimes they are referred to as a "Quarrel" of sparrows as well.

Where do sparrows hibernate?

Sparrows do not hibernate.

What does sparrows do when their together?

when sparrows are together they sing

How many different varieties of sparrows are there?

There are no varieties of sparrows. There are 245 species of sparrows and finches worldwide.

What is past indefinite tense of Sparrows were chirping?

The past simple of - The sparrows were chirping - is:The sparrows chirped

Do sparrows eat mice?

No, sparrows do not eat mice. Sparrows mostly eat seeds and grains.

What is the plural possessive form of the word sparrow?

The plural form for the noun sparrow is sparrows.The plural possessive form is sparrows'.Example: The sparrows' chatter woke me too early this morning.

What colors are sparrows?

Sparrows are brownish or greyish birds.

How much sparrows are there in the world?

There are 9896945389 SPARROWS IN THIS WORLD.

What would you call a group of sparrows?

A host of sparrows (:

Are sparrows songbirds?

Yes , Sparrows are regarded as songbirds .

How do you control sparrows?

Sparrows are wild birds. They do not need control.

What do young sparrows eat?

Sparrows feed their babies insects.

Do sparrows eat ladybirds?

no, sparrows don't eat ladybirds

What are the sparrow's predators?

The sparrow hawk eats sparrows as you would expect as well as many other birds of Prey such as Hobbys and Kestrals. The eggs are eaten by Jays or Megpies.

Where do wild sparrows live?

Wild sparrows live in holes in the ground.