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Memory Speed and overheating

There are a number of upgrades that come with the new DDR2 technology over DDR1 memory. DDR2 memory is of course faster, and will ultimately reach clock speeds of 667MHz or higher as opposed to the top functional speed of DDR1 at 400MHz. The higher speeds of DDR 2 memory allow it to have up to 10.6GB per seconds of throughput - quite a bit more than DDR1 memory which maxed at 6.4GB per second. The feature that makes these higher speeds practical is the reduced power consumption of DDR2, which runs at only 1.8 volts. Heat is one of the real banes of IC's, and the faster you try and clock a chip the hotter it runs and the less reliable it gets. One of the speed limitations of DDR1 was that at 2.5 volts created too much heat and was simply too hot to run consistently at speeds greater than 400MHz. DDR2's 1.8 volts combined with a much smaller (FBGA) chip package goes a long way towards solving the heat issue at higher speeds.

Cas Latency issues

DDR2 is also reversing the trend of faster and faster CAS Latency. SDRAM was originally CAS 3 though CAS 2 became popular later on with PC100 and in some PC133 modules. The problem with putting the burst cycles so close together is that the faster you push the chips, the more unstable they become. This is why, after moving to CAS 2 in a lot of PC100 components, the standard for PC133 reverted to CAS 3. DDR1 came out with two different speeds CAS 2 and CAS 2.5, though there were some chips that were available with 3-3-3 timing as well. There were some problems when DDR was released getting the modules to work consistently, and when DDR 400 started becoming available there were problems again, some of them related to Latency. The industry seems to have recognized this, and the JEDEC standard for DDR 2 is CAS 3 and even CAS 4 in some cases. This will go a long way towards making the modules more stable. There will be a small decrease in number of functions a stick will be able to perform per second, but the decrease will be so minor as to be unnoticeable and will be more than made up for in dramatically increased stability.DDR1 MemoryDDR2 MemoryModule package184-pin DIMM/ 200-pin SODIMM240-pin DIMM/ 200-pin SODIMMSpeeds (in MHz)200, 266, 333, 400400, 533, 667Voltage2.5 volt1.8 voltChip packageTSOP/BGAFBGAModule BandwidthUp to 6.4GB/secondUp to 10.6GB/secondChip densitiesUp to 1GbUp to 4GbCAS Latency2/2.53/4

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Is ddr400 a ddr2 or ddr1?

DDR. Technically, there is no "DDR1", only "DDR" and DDR2".

What is the difference between DDR1 and DDR2?

How do you identify ddr1 ram and ddr2 ram?

DDR2 RAM is slightly smaller and has square chips. DDR1 RAM has rectangular chips.

What is function of server?

In DDR1 the Chip is in Rectangle shape and DDR2 the Chip Shape is in Square and DDR2 is Chip smaller than DDR1.DDR1 is centre cutting 7.5cm.DDR2 is centre cutting 7cm.DDR1 pin 92. DD2 pin 122.DDR1 pin is larger than DDR2.

What is the difference ddr1 ddr2 ram?

The difference between DDR1 ram and DDR2 ram, is the advancement in technology. When you upgrade to DDR2, you are doubling the amount of flow information that can take place.

Can you use ddr2 ram with ddr1 support motherboard?

No. DDR1 RAM and DDR2 RAM is not forward nor backward compatible with each other.

How many pins in DDR2 RAM?

DDR2 has 240 pins, (DDR1 has 184).

Can DDR2 ram work in a DDR1 slot?

NO It Cant Coz Cut in Between Pins Is At Different Locations And Power Supply To DDR is More Than to that of DDR2's So DDR2 may burn if we insert it in DDR1 SLot

Can a DDR1 Ram module be used in DDR2 memory slot?


What ram is best for 8I845GVM RZ motherboard?

ddr1 and ddr2

Ddr2 and ddr1 speed is different?

Yes. DDR2 memory has double the transfer rate of DDR memory.

If you have ddr2 ram and currently have a ddr1 graphics card can you get a ddr2 graphics card?

If it can fit in the motherboard, yes.

How can we find a system is DDR1 or DDR2?

There are 2 easy ways. No#1- Downlaod a 'system analysis' tool (e.g. CPU-Z) run the progamme and check its window. No#2- Open the case, and look at the ram slots. DDR1 has 184 pins, DDR2 has 240 pins. The 'notch' in the ram stick is also in different places on DDR1 vs DDR2. After you have look at a few ram sticks, you can soon pick the difference between DDR1 amd DDR2, but in the beginning it is no so easy. There is quite often a sticker on the side of the ram telling you what type/speed it is to make things easier, but it can be hard to see inside the case. DDR1 also ranges from DDR-200 (PC-1600) to DDR-433 (PC-3500) and DDR2 ranges from DDR2-400 (PC2-3200) to over DDR2-1066 (PC2-8600)

Why ddr1 ram expensive than ddr2?

DDR1 RAM is an older technology and is not manufactured as much as newer types of RAM such as DDR2 or DDR3 RAM. So because it is harder to get hold of DDR1 RAM and people still use it, it is sometimes more expensive!

What is the most powerfull ram DDR1 or DDR2?

well...Depending on what you mean by powerful, that mean a lot of different things. I will assume you mean faster in this case. DDR1 and DDR2 are very similar when it comes down to it, but DDR2 transfers data at twice the speed compared to DDR1, assuming the clock speeds are the same. DDR2 has higher clock speeds most of the time, and therefore will be even faster than that.

What is the main difference ddr1 and ddr2 ram?

DDR2's bus speed is clocked at twice the speed of DDR.

What is the difference between DDR1 DDR2?

DDR speed is 200 MHZ while the speed of DDR2 has 400MHZ DDR has 1motch whears DDR2 has notches.

What is the difference between will agp 8x ddr1 card and agp 8x ddr2 card?

The type of memory used by the graphics card. DDR1 is slower, DDR2 is faster. They both plug into the same slot in your computer.

What are examples of RAM?

Rams are generally three types DDR1 DDR2 DDR3.

Which one is more expensive ddr1 ram or ddr2 ram?

DDR by a long shot

How can differentiate the ddr1 ram and ddr 2 ram on physical look?

DDR2 RAM is slightly smaller and has square chips. DDR1 RAM has rectangular chips.

Can DDR1 ram work in a DDR slot?

That's what a "DDR" slot is. "DDR1" is a retroactive name applied to the first DDR standard after DDR2 RAM came out.

Can you put an agp ddr1 graphics card in ddr2 graphics card slot?

If the port on your motherboard is an AGP slot then it doesn't matter if you have ddr or ddr2

What is the difference between ram and ddr2 ram?

There are both the same thing, ddr2 ram, is faster that ddr1 ram but ddr3 ram is more modern and faster

How much does a 1GB of RAM cost in Philippines?

that depends on wether the ram is DDR1, DDR2 OR DDR3 RAM