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An adverbial objective is either a noun or pronoun but it functions as an adverb. It basically describes a words function.

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What is adverbial?

Adverbial is an element of a sentence. Questioning the verb with when , where , how & why we find the the element named Adverbial.

What is an adverbial accusative?

An adverbial accusative is a use of a noun or adjective in the accusative case as an adverb in some Semitic languages, similar to an English adverbial genitive and a Latin adverbial ablative.

What is the noun form of adverbial?

The word 'adverbial' is both an adjective and a noun.The noun 'adverbial' is a word for a word or phrase functioning as an adverb; a word for a thing.The adjective 'adverbial' is a form of the noun adverb.

What are adverbial phrase?

an adverbial phrase is when in a sentence has: a moment later,after a while etc....

What is an adverbial genitive?

An adverbial genitive is a noun declined in the genitive case, which functions as an adverb.

What is an adverbial clause?

An adverbial clause is a subordinate clause which functions as an adverb within the main clause.

What does adverbial mean?

Adverbial means "of, or relating, to adverbs".

Is My dad An adverbial?


What is an adverbial phase?

An adverbial phrase is a sequence of words after a verb to modify but may contain infinitive or past participle form to replace any I go every dayverb (adverbial phrase)

What is a conjunctive-adverbial phrase?

An adverbial phrase is a phrase that functions like an adverb; in other words, it gives a little bit of extra information about the sentence it is attached to; e.g., "at the moment," "with great speed." A conjunctive adverbial phrase is an adverbial phrase that expresses a relationship between two sentences; e.g., "in addition," "on the other hand."

Extremely bewildered is it an adverbial phrase?

Yes. Bewildered is an adverb and extremely is an adjective. Together an adjective and the adverb it is supporting make an adverbial phrase.

What is the adverbial form of the word polite?


When does a verb act as an adjective?

adverbial clause

What is the adverb form of 'mother'?

"In a motherly way" is one example of the adverbial form of "mother."Specifically, the grammatical name for the above example is an adverbial phrase. Another example is the adverb "motheringly." Either way, the two examples given answer the adverbial question of "how?"

What is the adverb of care?

Carefully is the adverbial form of care.

What is the adverbial form of cold?

It is coldly

What are adverbial suffix?

-ly is the most common one

What part of speech may an indirect be?

adverbial clause

What is the adverb of reliable?

Reliably is the adverbial form of reliable.

What part of speech is specifically?

adverbial conjunction, adverb

What is the adverb of pessimistic?

The adverbial form of "pessimistic" is "pessimistically".

What type of clause is Before they had dinner?

adverbial clause

What is an adverbial phrase?

nick bumped into arif at the grocery store

What is the difference between gerund and adverbial phrases?

Gerunds have "ing" endings like having. adverbial phrases usually have words ending with "ly" like seemingly or strongly.

What is example of adverbial phrase?

An adverbial phrase is the term for two or more words which play the role of an adverb. For example 'I will sit in silence'. or 'I will do it in a minute' or 'he sings in a low register' (these are examples of when, where and how)

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