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What are all natural food products?


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Many associate "all natural" with organic, but "all nutural" is not defined in regard to food labeling and really does not mean much.

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All food additives are intentionally added to products. If the food is in its natural state, it would not have any additives.

Sadly, almost all the food out there is genetically modified(gm). You can find more natural foods by purchasing organic or all natural products, but they are not guaranteed to be gm free.

Nothing on Obagi's website indicates its' products are all natural. Today's companies do everything they can to emphasize all-natural products, I would assume that the lack of mentioning this indicates the products are not all natural.

Products claim to be all natural for advertising advantages.

The Food Directorate, the Therapeutic Products Directorate and the Natural Health Products Directorate in the Health Products and Food Branch (HPFB) administer the regulations pertaining to food, drugs and natural health products (a subset of drugs). The enforcement and compliance activities relating to drugs and natural health products is conducted by the HPFB Inspectorate.

Nature's Best is a wholesaler who sells certified-organic and natural products. Their products include food, supplements, personal care items, herbs, and pet products.

Natural food diet refers to the 'natural' way the food company processes fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, and meat products. This can mean looking for special packaging at the supermarket, or buying your foods from a trusted farmer.

People need natural resources to produce products. For example, to make some cheese you will need land,cows, and food for the cow. Which are all natural resources.To be healthy and safe

Absolutely. All of the nature's way products are made from whole food types of ingredients.

At the Wholesome Natural Health Market they have a very wide range of products including health products such as medicines and remedies. All the products at the Natural Health Market are completely natural which appeals to a large amount of people.

Holland & Barrett is the name of a chain of health food stores. These stores offer products such as all-natural or 'health' food (like dried fruit, organic cereal, and seeds) and vitamin supplements.

There's no federal definition as to what products need to be called "natural", so any preservative could be called a natural food preservative.

There are many places where you can get all natural garden products to remove pests. You can buy natural pest protection at home and gardening stores or you can find natural ideas online at

this is the farming on organic foods. Organic foods is another way of saying all natural food. Not sprayed by products

If you are looking for products for Natural Hair I would recommend the Kinky-Curly product line. They are organic and made with all natural ingredients.

All natural milk contains proteins.

Aveda strives to keep its skin care products as natural as possible by using mostly organic raw plant material and essential oils. They are always striving to up the amount of natural ingredients in their products, making them very close to an all natural product.

cheese, wheat corn. and milk are all natural products of they are agricultural products

Unorganic is food that doesn't use as natural products as organic food and some unorganic foods use chemicals.

"Most dermatologists recommend products that are all natural with as few ingrediants as possible. Sephora, Earth Science, and Natural Results are all recommended products. They also suggest discontinuing all oil-based makeup or facial products."

Tresemme has an organic hair product line. In addition, Shea Moisture has a line of natural shea butter products. You can also try Giovanni's All-Natural hair products.

The main locations for the chain of 65 Shopper Food Warehouse Supermarkets are in the area of Baltimore, Northern Virgina and Washington D.C. They specialize in all natural fresh food products.

All beauty products contain chemical compounds - artificial or natural.

All sorts of products, some natural, some farmed and some manufactured.

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