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What are all the 13 colonies?

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I have the 13 colonies memorized. They are....... Massachusetts, new hampshire, connecticut, rhode island, new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware, maryland, virginia, north carolina, south carolina, and georgia.

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Were the 13 colonies royal colonies?

Not all of the 13 colonies were royal.

Where did the Protestants settle in the 13 colonies?

Protestants settled in all of the 13 colonies.

What do the 13 colonies have in common?

The 13 colonies all farmed and had a major part in shipbuilding.

Did all 13 colonies have slavery?

No not all of the 13 colonies had slaves only if the colony had tobacco then did they need slaves.

When did slavery exist in all 13 colonies?

Slavery did not exist for very long in all 13 colonies. Slavery only existed in all 13 colonies at the very beginning when slavery was first introduced.

What are the real colors of the 13 colonies map?

all u should no is their are 13 colonies

Which region contains the original 13 colonies?

America, North America. The 13 colonies were mostly on the East Coast of the US. All of the states in New England were part of the original 13 colonies, but not all 13 are in New England.

What elements did all the 13 colonies have in common?

One element all the 13 colonies had in common was the ability to practice their religion freely.

How many of 13 coliones were reperswented.attend why?

All of the 13 colonies were represented in Williamsburg, Virginia. This city was the place of rendezvous for all of the colonies.

Did all 13 colonies approve the constitution?

Yes all 13 colonies approved the constitution they all agreed to the declaration of independence on July 4,1776

What ocean surrounds the 13 original colonies?

All 13 of the original colonies had a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean.

What western boundary did all the colonies have in common?

There was no common boundaries of the 13 colonies

Were the 13 colonies prepared to be independent?

no not at all

Did all 13 colonies celebrate Thanksgiving?


Did all 13 colonies have slaves?

At some point all 13 colonies had slaves. They were not just owned by rich farmers. Even working class people in the Northern colonies owned slaves.

What represents the 13 original colonies on the American flag?

Stars represent the 13 colonies and today all 50 states.

Of the original 13 colonies how many actually signed the declaration of independence?

All 13 colonies had delegates who signed the document.

What event caused people to begin referring to the 13 English colonies as the 13 british colonies?

They were never called that because of any reason at all. They were only called the 13 Original Colonies.

How many Crusades were there in total?

there were actually 13 crusades for all the 13 colonies

Where were the british forts in all of the 13 colonies?


How did all 13 colonies get there freedom?

from the decloration of independence

Which colonies were involved with the Declaration of Independence?

all 13

Which of the 13 colonies did native Americans live in?

All of them.

How many colonies were there in the 13 colonies?


Why are the 13 colonies called the 13 colonies?

Because they were colonies (later became states) and there were 13 of them

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