Greek and Roman Mythologies

What are all the Greek gods names?

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the 12 Olympians were:













And also Hestia and Hades there are other minor gods

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Who all was the Greek Gods?

All the gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology is a list over three thousand names long.

Do you capital Greek gods names?

Yes all names have capitals

What are the names of all the Greek gods and what do they symbolize?

I am sorry to say that the Greek gods are almost innumerable. To have an idea, click the link below and see all the names in the menu!

What planets are named after the greek gods?

In our solar system only Pluto. All the others are Latin names. There are however Greek names for all the Latin names of Gods (most of which the Romans 'stole' from the Greeks).

How did the greek gods get their names?

The greek gods got their names from something that they represented on the earth. eg. Demetra was the god of crops, harvesting and the care of all mothers.

What are the second names of the Greek gods and goddesses?

The ancient Greek Gods did not have second (or family) names.

How did the all planets get its name?

they get their names from the greek Gods like Venus.

How did greek gods and goddess get there roman names?

Greek gods/and goddess got there names because of there personality and what they represent on the earth

What are all the Greek gods' names and abilities?

Click the link below!

What are the names of all the greek gods with four letters?

Hera Zeus Ares

How are the greek gods different from the Egyptian gods?

praised differently and different names and personalities but roman gods are the same as Greek gods

Why are there 2 names for Ancient Greece gods?

The Greek gods have 2 names because they are known in both Greek AND Roman mythology, only in differant names.

Greek gods names beginning with the letter Q?

There are no Greek Gods beginning with the letter Q.

What is the names of all the greek gods?

The greek gods are Zeus,Hera,Poseidon,Hades,Apollo,Artemis,Athena,Ares,Hermes,Aphrodite,Dementer,and Dionosious

How many greek gods and godesses were there?

According to the Greeks, hundreds, and not all their names were listed.

What is a list of all the Greek gods names that start with a?

Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, and Athena

How did the Greek gods become Roman?

They didn't. The Greeks had their gods and the Romans had their gods. The Greek and Roman gods are almost the same except for their names and their personalities.

What are the names of the minor gods?

Greek or Romans ?

What Greek gods are mortal?

All of the Greek gods were immortal.

Are the Greek gods the same as the Roman gods?

Yes, the Greek gods are basically the same as the Roman Gods. Their names are often in interchangeable in books such as the Iliad and the Odyssey.

What do you do after you get the mirror from Aphrodite on Poptropica?

Go to her and she will test you on a quiz about the Greek gods. If you answer all correctly, she will give you the touchscreen mirror. The names and info on Greek gods can be found at the museum on Mythology. :)

How did scientists get the names of the planets?

The names of the planets came from greek gods.

Whats the difference of roman gods and greek gods?

the roman gods have different names that's it!

Why is Pluto named after a god?

All the solar planets are names after mythical Greek/Roman gods.

How were Roman and Greek religious practices similar?

The Romans based their gods on the Greek gods and only changed the names.