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In alphabetical order:

Angel Cake

Cherry Crush

Daizy Star and the Pink Guitar


Dreams and Doodles Daybook


Ginger Snaps

Indigo Blue

Letters to Cathy

Love Peace & Chocolate

Lucky Star


Shine on Daizy Star

Sundae Girl

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Q: What are all the books that Cathy cassidy has written?
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Well my daughter has just finished all the Jacqueline Wilson books and she is looking for a new author. I think it depends what you like to read, but she has found a new author called "Cathy Cassidy" She is really enjoying these books so far and I think they're quite similar to Jacqueline Wilson. She is also into Horses/Horse Riding: so she found a whole collection on books e.g. Chestnut Hill by Lauren Brooke The pony Whisperer by Janet Rising, these are the only books at the moment until she needs to find a new author. I know this answer might not help but the Cathy Cassidy books are quite popular. And if you know any other authors for girls aged 10 + please Help! Michael Morpurgos a good one also try reading Paul Jennings.

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Chestnut Hill books by Lauren Brooke. I've heared there are LOADS of them so your daughter will be busy, i've also heared about "The pony whisperer" by Janet Rising and there a few of them. I don't know anyothers because my Daughter is 11 and really into horses and she doesnt know any, so If you know anymore please reply. I hope this comment helped!xx

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