What are all the cheats for swords and sandals?

To get cheats for swords and sandals, go to *1. Download the newest engine, and after you download and install it, click yes on the first box, no on the second. Now as for the cheating, here's what you do. Say you have 1,000 gold and want more. Multiply it by 8, get your answer, click first search. Then, go spend your gold on whatever you fancy, multiply what you have left by 8, then click next search. If you don't end up with 5 or less addresses, repeat until you do. Then, multiply whatever amount you want by 8, and double click on the address, then double click the value and change it. Put a check in the box next to it, it'll keep your gold at that amount. The same goes for level and stats. Multiply current level or stat by 8, level up or increase stat, multiply what your new level or stat is, multiply what you want by 8, enter it, and there you go, you have ultimate power and money. plus on the second one make your name end in a /// or... or 123 and you can be lvl 100 wen youy start!