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there is the piccalo alto Flute bass flute cntarbass flute if you type into Google different types of flutes you should get a variety of lists and even pics when you go to images

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Q: What are all the different types of flutes?
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What are the different types of flutes?

nose flutes

What are the types of flutes?

There are many different kinds of flutes. There are normal C flutes, bass flutes, alto flutes, and piccolos for example.

How many of types of Flutes are there?

there are 7 types of flutes

What are the different types of pan flutes?

Siku Paixiao Nai Antara

Are fipple flutes kinds of flutes?

No, they are types of tin whistles and recorders. :)

What are some different types of Gaitas?

Gaitas is a word that can refer to several different types of definitions. Some different types are bagpipes, flutes, hornpipes, music genre and music ensemble.

What the oldest playable flutes made of?

some wood, and some of different types of metal such as brass.

How mant types of flutes are there?

There is11

How many types of flutes are there?

There are many flutes all around the world. The "Flute A BEC" is one. Now, we mostly see/hear the common kind of flutes, mostly made of stainless steel or metal.

Are flutes and oboe still used today?

Yes! They are used in many different types of music today!

Do all flutes have the same fingering?

Yes, all flutes have the same fingerings, but bass simply play notes in a different octave. B foot flutes have an extra key on the foot joint, making an extra note.

Facts about flutes?

There are a few different types of flutes: piccolo, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass flute. Flutes come in about 3 octaves and are one of the oldest made instruments, dating back approximately 35,000 years ago in Germany.

What types of instruments did the Aztecs use?

They had flutes and small drums

What are different visayan musical instrument?

There are eight types of instruments, some for indoors and some for outdoors. These include flutes, stringed instruments, and drums.

Where in the world do people play flutes?

People all over the world play flutes.

What materials are Irish flutes made of?

Irish flutes can be made out of many different materials. Most of the Irish flutes are made of materials such as wood or bamboo, but can also be made from PVC.

What makes a woodwind a woodwind?

a woodwind consists of 2 types the reeds and the flutes

What are the Philippines native wind instruments?

In the Philippines, the native wind instruments are various types of flutes. The flutes are made mostly of bamboo and have three to six holes. The Tumpong and Bansik are just two of the flutes used in the Philippines.

What ballet is the song Flutes at the Ballet in?

"Flutes at the Ballet" is not from one hi ballet, buy a medley of tunes from several different ballets.

What types of instruments did Incas use and make?

They made woodwinds, such as flutes, piccolos, and pan flutes. Percussion: snare drum. String: 10-string guitar.

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Types of therapist?

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Do flutes come in different colors?

yes, flutes can come in as many colors as saxophones. i have a silver flute, and i know someone who has a black flute. some flutes also come in funky colors, such as red.

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