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I have a Pokemon Sapphire Game and i have Box 14 renamed Legendaries. in it i have all legendaries you can catch: Kyogre, Latios, Latias, Rayquaza, Regice, Registeel, Regirock, Jirachi, Deoxys. im still working on Groudon. you can trade with Pokemon emerald for Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

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How do you catch Shaymin in Pokemon sapphire without using a gameshark?

Shaymin is not a Pokemon in sapphire.

How do you get the Pokemon mew two in Pokemon sapphire without a event or gameshark?

You just cant

Is there a way to get mew without mystery gift or gameshark in Pokemon sapphire?


How many legendary Pokemon can you get in Sapphire?

Six without trading.

How do you put in cheats in the Pokemon sapphire without a gameshark?

you cant or that's what i think

What Pokémon can turn into legendary Pokémon and name all of the Pokémon that evolve into legendary Pokémon?

legendary Pokemon don't evolve into/from anything. Without GameShark,no Pokemon can evolve into a legendary.

Can you catch Pokemon any legendary Pokemon in sapphire?

i don't think you can,except rayquaza and kryogre i was disapointed too. In emerald you can catch most legendary Pokemon without a gameshark (well sort of: you must have special items which you can only get from Nintendo events) however in sapphire and ruby you need a gameshark to get the other legendaries. In sapphire you can catch Kyogre Rayquaza Regi-ice/rock/steel You have to trade groudon across If you need help catching them just ask JJ3001

How do you use cheats on Pokemon sapphire without gameshark?

Action Replay? Code Breaker?

How do you get Chikorita in Pokemon Sapphire without trading?

unless you use a gameshark/codebreaker, you cant, sorry.

Can you get Groudon on Pokemon Sapphire without trading?

no you can't you have to either trade or gameshark cheats :P

How du you copy Pokemon on sapphire?

You can't without cheating with like an action replay or a gameshark.

How do you get the legendary Pokemon regice regirock and registeel on Pokemon Emerald without catching them?

Use Gameshark or Action Repley codes

How do you get unlimited rare candys in Pokemon Sapphire version?

There is no way to acquire unlimited rare candies in Pokemon Sapphire without the use of a device such as a gameshark. There is no hack or cheat code.

How do you get the Eon Ticket in Pokemon without a Gameshark or an e-reader?

Get the eon ticket in ruby/sapphire and then mix record emerald with ruby/sapphire.

How do you catch a level one hun dred in Sapphire without gameshark?

Its not possible to catch a level 100 pokemon.

Can you get into space in Sapphire version without a gameshark?

yes,you have to beat the Pokemon league 50 times to be able to go into space

How do you get legendary Pokemon without using cheats or going to events?

How to get legendary PokemonWell certain legendary Pokemon can be caught on certain games.Like groudon,kyorge,rayquaza,latias,and latios can be caught on ruby,sapphire,or emerald version.Some like zapdos,articuno,motlres,and mewtwo can be caught on leafgreen and firered.Other legendary Pokemon like mew,lugia,ho-oh,deoxys,and celebi can only be obtained by using a gameshark,action replay,or going to a Nintendo event.Thank you for reading my info.

How do you have all shiny legendary Pokemon in Pearl without Action Replay or Gameshark?

Soft Reset in GBA or Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and get the events by soft resetting.

Do you have to weaken legendary Pokemon before capturing them with a master ball in Pokemon sapphire?

no the master ball works strait away without doing anything to the Pokemon

How do you catch regis without trading on pokemonfire red?

You can't; you can only get them in Pokemon ruby/sapphire and emerald. You'll need a gameshark code to get it in Pokemon fire red.

How do you get deoyxious in sapphire because my friend got itwith out any cheats or gameshark in Pokemon sapphire?

You have to have an event. That's the only way without cheats. Events don't come much anymore.

How do you get to Sapphire on Pokemon Ruby?

??????????????? Sapphire is not a place!! It is another game, which you need to buy. Pokemon ruby is something different! MY ANSWER: Well, if you're referring to the KEY ITEM sapphire that awakens Kyogre, than you cannot get it without a gameshark, which probably STILL wouldn't let you get Kyogre. Sorry! :(

How can you change the starter Pokemon in ruby or sapphire without a gameshark?

Game shark is 3G5H8D9K4O013VO7N HOPE YOU LIKE IT :) Unfortunately, there is no real way without a gameshark,action-replay etc. how ever, although this will not work in ruby or sapphire, in emerald once you have caught all Pokemon from your regional dex go to prof birch and he will let you choose one of the three starters from the Jhoto region

Can you catch Deoxys in pokemon emerald without an event?

You can't; the only way to catch one is to use Action Replay or Gameshark. There are no longer events for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

Is there a way to get additional masterballs on Pokemon Sapphire without using a Gameshark or Action Replay?

yes you need to when lottery at lilycove all 6 nubers all 6 Pokemon in party