What are all the main events in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge hates Christmas and humanity.
Fred his nephew visits the counting house to invite him to Christmas dinner and is soon shown the door.
Two business men enter seeking charitable donation and are quick told to leave him alone
Bob his faithful clerk for wanting Christmas Day off with pay.
That night, he goes home thinks he sees the face of his dead business partner Marley in his brass doorknocker.
After a dinner, Marley's ghost arrives to tell him to change or suffer in the afterlife and warns of three more ghosts who will visit.
First is the Ghost of Christmas Past, who is an old but young man.
The ghost takes Scrooge back in time to see himself as a small sad little boy all alone at boarding school at Christmas, Then as an older boy whose sister arrives to take him home from school for good. Then as an apprentice at a Christmas party at Fezziwig's house, and as a young man whose fiancée breaks their engagement off because she knows that Scrooge only has eye for a golden idle; money.
Present time and Scrooge is forlorn by memories and starts to think that he needs to be better to the people in his life.
The Ghost of Christmas Present.
Christmas Present is at first very jovial and very like father Christmas yet Scrooge does not really know what he is of what he represents compared to Christmas Past.
Scrooge sees a many scenes of people celebrating Christmas even those with little or nothing - They move supernaturally across Britain in a time line of 12 days.
Then, the ghost takes Scrooge to visit invisibly the Cratchit family. We see the house of the poor Cratchit family, who make up in love what they lack in money. He first learns that Tiny Tim will not see another Christmas. After experiencing some other random celebratory scenes we arrive at Fred's home. Fred is Scrooges nephews. Scrooge sees a really fun party at his nephew's house.
The last visitor is the terrifying Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.
Scrooge witnesses some of his business acquaintances talking very lightly about someone who died and who they care little if anything about. Scrooge and the ghost move to Old Joes' beetling shop where he witnesses, an undertaker, his house keeper and laundry lady pawn the belongings of properties stolen from a dead man whom no one appeared to care for We move to see and a dead body with no mourners.
Scrooge pleads to see someone, anyone who may care about the man's passing and is transported to a house where a husband and wife speak fearfully that their debt with him may go to someone more ruthless
He is taken to the Cratchits who are overwhelmed by the death of Tiny Tim and experiences the families' grief at losing such a young child because of illness.
Finally, to the cemetery where the Ghost shows Scrooge his own grave. Scrooge begs for another chance to change his ways and in doing so that if he is allowed to live he will change and keep Christmas in his hear always!.
Ebenezer wakes up in his own bed, it's Christmas Day. Quickly, he orders a giant turkey for the Cratchits, donates money to charity, and goes to Fred's home to ask for forgiveness and stays for a night of merriment.
On Boxing Day he opens his counting house and greets Bob Cratchit who is a full eighteen minutes late and pretends be very annoyed to the point of seeming sacking the poor clerk. Instead he shouts Merry Christmas Bob and raises his salary. Scrooge becomes a compassionate person helping others and keeping to his oath. Still more he takes to Tiny Tim like an old uncle and ensures the sickly child is given the medical help he needs to help him live thereafter.