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What are all the names of illegal drugs?

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Class A: Ecstasy, LSD, heroin, cocaine, crack, magic mushrooms, amphetamines (if prepared for injection). Class B: Amphetamines, Cannabis, Methylphenidate (Ritalin), Pholcodine. Class C:Tranquilisers, some painkillers, Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Ketamine.

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What are all the names of harmful and illegal drugs?

There are literally hundreds of things the government considers an illegal drug.

What illegal drugs can be detected in your bloodstream?

All, I repeat, ALL illegal drugs can be detected in your bloodstream.

Should illegal drugs be made?

No. Nobody should be making illegal drugs at all. Illegal drugs are made to destroy humans inside their body and that is very dangerous. Illegal drugs should not be made at all, they should be thrown away or be destroyed.

Are club drugs illegal?

Yes, all club drugs like Ecstasy and Speed are illegal.

Do illegal drugs make you lighted?

no, not at all! Illegal drugs are bad for your health and very dangerous.

Can you list all the illegal drugs?

The amount of illegal drugs there are it would take far to long.Look it up in the Laws & statutes regarding controlled drugs...

Did Blacks invent all illegal drugs?


What all drugs show up as?


Are all drugs illegal in America?

No. But drugs like meth, and weed (marijuana) are illegal in America. But Alcohol can be illegal if cops find a person who's drunk and they do a breath test. 0.08 is illegal.

Are all illegal drugs controlled substances?


What is the difference between pot and weed and dope?

There is none, those are all names for marijuana. However dope is sometimes a general term for illegal drugs.

What If all Recreational drugs were illegal?

They are all ready since 1928.

What are drugs belong to illegal?

All drugs are illegal other then alchool, caffine & tobacco. & savliea.... Salvia is a holucingentic drug. It is not illegal. The trip lasts about 10- 20 mintues .

Are drugs illegal in Japan?

japan itself is illegal..but drugs not

What is in the drugs that make them illegal?

Drugs become illegal when law makers decide to pass laws saying these drugs are illegal.

What is the purpose of drugs?

Legal drugs are to counteract symptoms of a illness and illegal substances are for no reason at all.

What are the major cause of illegal drugs?

they all cause cancer but not the good drugs like Advil

What does a drug do?

All drugs do different things. And there's a difference between pharmacological drugs and illegal mind altering drugs.

What are all the names of illegal drugs in Canada?

I only know some one them there is Cocaine, Marijuana (hash), Crystal Meth, Heroine, Speed Balls, Pcp.

Are bad drugs illegal?

Tobacco and alchol are not but all the others are

What drug are illegal at the Olympic games?

No offense, but mainly all drugs are illegal all the time.... except for certain medicines

Is miley Cyrus on illegal drugs?

YES! She is on illegal drugs. SHE IS A BUM

What experience do you have with illegal drugs How do you plan to use or not use illegal drugs in the near and distant future Do you know anyone that regularly uses illegal drugs?

This is a personal thing this is something that is based on your experience not someone else.

How many people have died from illegal Drugs?

In All of recorder history exactly 27 people have died of illegal drugs. But only by putting them directly in the anus

Why are some illegal drugs classified?

All illegal drugs are classified. This is to put a definite code on what each drug is worth, as far as crime and punishment are concerned.

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