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Mongolian Hamster

Kazakh Hamster, also called Eversmann's Hamster

Gansu Hamster

Ladak Hamster

Chinese Striped Hamster, also called Chinese Hamster; or Striped Dwarf Hamster

Chinese (Dwarf) Hamster, also called Rat Hamster

Armenian Hamster, also called Migratory Grey Hamster; Grey Hamster; Grey Dwarf Hamster; or Migratory Hamster

Long-tailed Hamster

Sokolov's Hamster

European Hamster, also called Common Hamster or Black-Bellied Field Hamster

Tibetan Hamster

Syrian Hamster, also called the Golden Hamster or "Teddy Bear" hamster

Golden Hamsters

Turkish hamster, also called Brandt's Hamster; or Azerbaijani Hamster

Romanian Hamster

Rummanian Hamster (not to be confused with the Romanian hamster)

Ciscaucasian Hamster

Dwarf Hamsters

Roborovski Hamster

Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster

Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster

Greater Long-tailed Hamster, also called Korean Hamster

(hope I didn't miss any... )

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Q: What are all the specis of hamsters?
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