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What are all the types of police officers and detectives there can be?



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My department includes : Chief Assistant Chief Captains Leiutenants Sergeants Corporals Patrol Officers DOT Officers (big truck regulations) Bicycle Officers Motorcycle Officers Training Officers Community Relation Officers Detectives Narcotics Juvenile Property Crimes Domestic Violence Unit In major metropolitan areas there would generally be street patrol officers, homicide, Bomb Squad, SWAT, auto theft, Missing Persons(detectives), dive teams, helicopter, motorcycle, bike and mounted patrols, vice, narcotics, juvenile, community relations, K-9 Units, Internal Affairs, burglary, ADR, support personnel such as dispatchers, and others depending upon the needs of the community they serve. Smaller communities usually have patrol Officers, detectives, dispatchers, and access to major case squads made up of detectives to handle more serious crimes such as multiple homicides.