WW2 Allied Powers
WW1 Allied Forces

What are allies and enemies?


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Allies are friends and enemies are foes.


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Who or what were the allies and enemies of Easter island/ Who or what were the allies and enemies of Easter island/

Allies: NATO Enemies: Muslims

The Cherokee's enemies are the Iroquoian and their allies (frends)are the Navajio.

allies: brazil and argentina enemies: paraguay

Allies have become enemies and enemies have become allies. Libya have had military conflicts (enemies)with USA, Israel, Egypt, and Chad.

Allies- Iran, Syriaand Poland Enemies- US Lithuania

one of Athena's enemies were Poseidon and one of her allies were Zeus

the enemies were the comanches

allies-most of the middle eastern countries enemies-usa and British

The allies are America and China

Allies: The United States Enemies: El Salvador

Australia was on the side of the "allies" and the allies were the United States of America and Britain. Their enemies were people on the side of the "axis": Germany and Japan, although Japan was on the side of the Allies in WWI.

Did you have any allies or enemies during cold war

Allies verses the communists.

The Navajo were their allies yet they were enemies too

Enemies: All of the Allied Powers Allies: All of Central Powers

Allies are Queen Isabella. Enimies are Indians.

The enemies of Greece were the Persian, Macedonian and Rome

Enemies: Mongolians, Huns Allies:Russia, Koreans

Enemies: Relations between Togo and neighboring states are generally good.Allies: Gabon and Libya, France and Germany

USA, UK, and USSR were Allies. Germany, Italy and Japan were Axis enemies.

Allies: Spain, Germany, U.S.A, Great Britain and Argentina Enemies: China, Pakistan and Southafrica

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