What are alternative fuels?

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Alternatives fuels are fuels that are not made from fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).
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Do alternative fuels really work?

Answer . Yes alternative fuels work great. For example bio-diesel is mixing diesel fuel with cooking oil. Works great when you buy the converter kit, but is costly at the current time due to low manufacturing. If you do not get cooking oil free from say a McDonalds or someplace like that it go ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of alternative fuel?

Some well known alternative fuels include biodiesel, ethanol, butanol, chemically stored electricity (batteries and fuel cells), hydrogen, methane, natural gas, vegatable oil, peanut oil, and biomass.

What alternatives are there to fossil fuels?

There is a source of energy that is more friendly to the environment that has not been looked into yet such as using the force from the waves to power everything that fossil fuels are being used currently to power and you could use wind power as well to make a better alternative to fossil fuels

Are there alternative fuels besides oil?

yes, there are tons of alternative fuels besides oil. i am doing a research project right now in my English class on alternative fuels. so far, i have found biomass fuels, biodiesel, natural gas, alcohol, and french fry oil. hope you can search farther into what you have learned from me....

What is best alternative fuel source?

In the pageant of competing clean fuel, synthetic fuels come in last place. Although only slightly better than fossil fuels, they may work as a transition fuel since they can be blended with gas or diesel to produce lower levels of pollutants. With gas pipelines already in the ground, another transi ( Full Answer )

What are some alternatives to fossil fuels?

1.solar energy 2.electricity 3.fuel cells 4. methanol 5. ethanol 6. biodiesel Bio-Diesel Bio-Diesel is a kind of diesel fuel derived from vegetable oil and animal fat. It is an alkyl ester which is obtained by trans-esterification of vegetable oil using ethyl alcohol. It is often us ( Full Answer )

Renewable fuels alternative energy?

Hi,. The Germans have really taken off when it comes to renewable fuel sources, and have become one of the major players in the alternative energy game. Under the aegis of the nations electricity feed laws, the German people set a world record in 2006 by investing over $10 billion (US) in research, ( Full Answer )

Disadvantages of alternative fuel?

caleb is a weirdoAlternative fuel is a very broad category, but generally, an alternative would be a negative thing if it:. Took more resources to produce. Produced more harmful emissions/by-products. Was too dangerous for general use. Required an increase in shipping or other transportation

What is the best alternative fuel?

Currently, electric cars seem to be the most practical cars. In the future, algae based fuel could also be put into use, but would still produce carbon emissions.

Are there alternative forms of fuel for kerosene?

There are some initiatives to find alternatives to fossil fuels for kerosene and jet fuel. From the wikipedia entry on jet fuel.... ________________________________________________ . Green Flight International flew the World's first jet aircraft on 100% biofuel. The flight from Nevada's Reno ( Full Answer )

What are some Alternate Car fuels?

biogas (methane produced from decomposing organic matter - pig farms) . biodiesel (oil made from organic material) . ethanol (alcohol made from vegetation) . hydrogen (but it's difficult to store and expensive to produce) . electricity (but we need more efficient batteries) . compressed air ( Full Answer )

Why do you need alternative fuels?

Driving cars that use petrol & diesel has a significant impact on the environment. The every day use of cars across the UK produces a massive amount of carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas and a recognised cause of global warming. Not only does using petrol & diesel have a major impact on the en ( Full Answer )

Are hydrogen fuels the alternative?

Hydrogen fuels could be an alternative if we come to a point wherewe can solve all the dangerous problems with hydrogen. Hydrogenfuels would be a good alternative but at this point and timehydrogen is way to unstable, so for now electric and ethanol arethe way to go for an alternate fuel source.

What alternative fuel resources does Qatar have?

Qatar uses Gas to liquids (GTL) fuel, GTL is a semi-synthetic type of fuel, it contains a 50-50 blend of both conventional jet fuel and GTL, it can be used without any modification to the engine or aircraft needed.

What does alternative fuel mean?

An alternative fuel is a fuel one could use besides the standard or common fuels, like gasoline.

What is ment by an alternative fuel?

A fuel which is clean meaning that it does not produce CO2. Alternative fuels usually contain at least 85% of or more of ethanol, natural gas, compressed natural gas, LNG, LPG and hydrogen.. These include biodiesel,. bioalcohols (methanol, ethanol, and butanol),. non fossil- methane from land fil ( Full Answer )

What are the alternatives to burning fossil fuels?

Moving toward to renewable energy is one of the many alternatives to burning fossil fuel. Renewable energy (which includes solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, ocean currents, biomass, biofuel) can produce electricity more than enough to power our current and fut ( Full Answer )

Is gasoline an alternative fuel?

Depends on what you mean. It's not a renewable fuel, so if you're worried about greenhous gasses, and the oil running out - then gasoline isn't an alternative fuel.

Is the alternator close to the fuel pump?

Well sort of the fuel pump is in the middle of the car and the alternator is in the front or back depending on what type of car you have.

What is a better alternative fuel source for oil?

Of the fossil fuels, natural gas emits less carbon dioxide than oil (though the gas itself, methane, is a powerful greenhouse gas and there are serious leakage problems with its use). Any of the renewable sources of energy are better than oil. Solar, geothermal, wind, hydro etc, all have zero gre ( Full Answer )

Is hemp fuel a viable alternative to gasoline?

Biofuels all have some degree of viability. However, there are situations where they may prove to be less than ideal, such as in particularly cold temperatures, where they're particularly vulnerable to gelling.

Why is it important to investigate alternative fuels?

Because our present sources are running out, the majority of which are fossil fuels, and are adding to global warming and climate change. A: Because the US dependence upon foreign oil is having adverse effects on the US economy and the climate. If we can develop an alternative, then we have mor ( Full Answer )

What is fuel scarcity and its alternatives?

its when it becomes hard to find, thus more expensive and scarce. As for alternatives its Hyrogen. And that's it. Forget about bio fuels as we (the people of the world) need the space, crops and resources ie water for ourselves. No point of being able to drive to the shops when you are hung ( Full Answer )

Why is alternative fuel better?

Alternative fuels can be better in that they are generally cleaner than oil and gasoline. Most alternative fuels are renewable, which means there can be a steady supply for a long time. Oil is not renewable. Development of new alternative fuels also can fuel the economy and new jobs. Alternative ( Full Answer )

Can water be used as a alternate fuel instead of other fuels?

yes, water (H 2 O) can be used as an alternative fuel, by means of splitting so to speak the water into hydrogen and oxygen through an electric current, but the main problem as we all know that electricity and water can end very badly so, until there is a safe way to do so it will remain a thought, ( Full Answer )

Is hydropower a fossil fuel or alternative?

Hydroelectric is considered a renewable resource (although sometimes ignored in alternative energy discussions). Like many practices for generating electricity, it has both costs and benefits. On the benefit side, other than electricity generation, it can be used for flood control, irrigation, ( Full Answer )

What fuels can be grouped as alternative fuels?

"Alternative fuel" is an imprecise term that seeks to contrast certain fuels with what might called traditional fuels. Traditional fuels would include coal, oil, gas, and wood as a few examples. It is not possible to produce a definitive list of products but here are some suggestions. Carbon based ( Full Answer )

Why do you need to use alternative fuels?

All the gasolene in the world will be used up in sixty years and reguler gas hurts the atmosphere so now there is a large hole above antarctica.

Why are alternative fuels not being used?

Currently it is not as economical as using fossil based fuels. For instance, the production of ethanol as a fuel is currently more expensive than the extraction of octane from crude oil. And also, fossil fuels tend to have a higher heat of combustion (more power).

How does alternative fuel help the environment?

Alternative fuels produce fewer vehicle emissions that contribute to smog, carbon monoxide, NOx etc. which leads to clean air, no pollution and no global warming

Why scientists are looking for alternatives to fossil fuels?

B/c burning fossil fuels releas a lot of carbon monoxides and pollutants into the atmosphere, which many suspect may interfere with our climate. On top of that, fossil fuels will one day run out. It'd be quite handy to have made the switch to something else before that happens.

What is the overriding purpose of alternative fueled vehicle?

More than usually, the purpose of an alternative fuel is to increase the miles per gallon efficiency of an engine. a petrol or normal fuel car that makes 20 mile to the gallon can usually make around 40 miles to the gallon when it sports a diesel powered engine. Hybrids use an electric motor which i ( Full Answer )

How does alternative fuel save you money?

Alternate fuels can save a person money if they are overall cheaper than regular fuels and if you can get more miles to the gallon. Bio fuels are cheaper, especially when they are homemade.

What is the alternative of the fossil fuel of coal?

Fossil fuels-including coal, natural gas, and oil-are formed from the fossilized remains of prehistoric plants and animals, and fossil fuels provide about 95% of the world's total energy. Alternative fuels are better for the environment and often better for the economy than fossil fuels. Learn about ( Full Answer )

Are schawns trucks on alternative fuel?

Some of the C6500/C7500 Chevrolet/GMC trucks are LPG powered. The W series Chevrolet and GMC trucks, and the ones built on one ton cargo vans, are either gas or diesel powered.

Which are some cheap alternative fuels?

Some cheap alternative fuels include the use of biodiesel, bioalcohol, chemically stored electricity, hydrogen, vegetable oil, and non-fossil methane.

What is the challenge of using alternate fuels?

The challenge is to educate the public and politicians thatalternative fuels (renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, tidal andwave, geothermal and biofuel)) are better for the environment. . Alternative energy power plants are also expensive to establish intheir first year, and this blinds people to ( Full Answer )

What is alternative fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels come from fossilied plant matter in the ground.Alternative fuels are alternatives to fossil fuels, and these aremainly carbon fuels that take their carbon from carbon dioxide inthe atmosphere (as fossil fuels do) but on a carbon cycle with amuch shorter term. An example is wood, which c ( Full Answer )