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He can certainly fire everyone involved and hire new people who are less confrontational.

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Q: What are an employer's options when all employees stage a sick out?
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Is it by law employers have to give employees sick time off or peronal time off?

No, sick time and personal time off are a benefit that companies CAN give. It is not a law.

Can an employer disclose to other employees about a current employees reason for being off sick without that employees consent?

Certainly. Employees have no expectation of privacy unless the employer explicitly offers it or a statute compels it. HIPAA does not apply to employers, and ADA does not deal with sickness, ONLY permanent impairments.

What is the purpose of Worksafe?

Worksafe is an insurance, which helps Victorian employers. This insurance comes in handy when employees get sick or hurt while at the workplace. If the employee does get hurt or sick, Worksafe helps provide for their medical work and not having money due to getting hurt or sick on the job.

Do bass pro employees get paid sick days?

bass pro employees get paid sick days

What percentage of employees call out sick daily?

The percentage is: (number off sick)/(number of employees) times 100

When signed off sick what are the laws regarding communication with the employer?

Generally 'laws' do not cover policy regarding employer/employee contact. Some employers require a daily call-in from employees, some require that employees be available for phone consultation when they are off sick. If you feel that your employer's requirements are onerous, you should contact your state employment department for assistance.

What is incubation stage?

this is the stage where the bacteria affects the body but your are not sick yet

How long do employees have to be employed before paid maternity leave?

At least one full year to qualify for FMLA. Other than FMLA, leave is unregulated - it is whatever the employers says normal sick leave is.

Who was the creator of paid vacation and sick leave benefits?

We will never know, since almost all US employers are tiny employers. Small employers do what they wish and can afford.

Why you have employer paid health insurance?

Some employers pay health insurance because they feel that if you give it to your employees they will be more likely to go get regular checkups. This means fewer sick days, and so less staff you need in total to fill in for someone who is sick, in the end saving you money.

What does ad-hoc payment mean?

Without a written plan in place, payments made to a sick or injured employee may be considered non-deductible distributions or "ad hoc payments". Ad hoc payments are those made by employers to sick or injured employees on a discretionary basis and not according to a pre-existing salary continuation plan. Many businesses have become successful because of their key employees.

Can an employer force an employee to take a physical?

noooooooooooooooAnother answer: In this state there may be a contract provision. An employer can require all potential employees to take a physical. School boards require all employees to pass a physical examination once a year. Employers may require employees to obtain a doctor's approval to return to work after three days of sick leave. The same rule would have to apply to all employees.

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