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Centrioles are like spindles.

A Centriole is like a straw because they both are tubes that let things get from one end to the other end.

The centriole has a round look to it because it is made from nine triplets of microtubules that make a straw-like(as said above) look.

A centriole is like a clothing rack because centrioles organize cell division and clothing racks organize sizes of clothing

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Q: What are analogies for centrioles?
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What are analogies for Centriole and Chromatin?

In the cell structure, centrioles and chromatin function as the blueprint. Housing genetic information ensuring the structure is made correctly.

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There is no analogies for those subjects.

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Plants and centrioles?

Plants do not have centrioles.

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Do centrioles have membranes?

Nope centrioles have no membranes

Is there centrioles in bacteria?

Centrioles are in animals.They are not in bacteria.

What is the nickname for the centrioles?

The nickname for the centrioles is centrosome.

Why do centrioles look like churros?

Churros look like centrioles. After all, centrioles were here first.

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What is the role of the centrioles?

The role of the centrioles are when they pull apart

Do plants have centrioles?

no, plants do not have centrioles. Animals do but not plants

What happens to the centrioles during meiosis?

The centrioles are duplicated

What are analogies for cytoplasm in a plant cell?

what are some analogies for cytoplasm in a plant cell?

What do centrioles produce?

The centrioles produce microtubules called spindle fibers, which push the centrioles apart as they grow.

Do animal cells have centrioles?

only animal cells have centrioles.

What is centrioles made of?

Centrioles are made of microtubules.

Are centrioles in plant cells?

No. Plant cells do not contain centrioles.

Are centrioles found in plant cells?

No there are no centrioles in plant cells.

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