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Antitoxins work to block toxins. If you have been poisoned you will likely be given an antitoxin so that the poison will not harm you.

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What do antitoxins do?

kill germs

Are antioxidants and antitoxins the same thing?


What is the difference between antibodies and antitoxins?

Antibodies attach to antigens preventing them from attacking cells in the body. Antitoxins attack antigens and destroy them

How do antitoxins protect you from disease?

they neutralize the toxins produced by the bacteria

What type of white blood cell produces antitoxins?


Which type of cell produces antitoxins?

white blood cells

What is the antibodies that neutralizes toxins but do not affect the organism producing it?


What are Antibodies that neutralize toxins but do not affect the organism producing the toxin?


What do white blood cells produce to neutralize the toxins produced by microbes?


What one word completes the sentence white blood cells help to defend against infection by producing antitoxins and by ingesting pathogens. they also produce _____ that help defend against infection.?


What is the job of antitoxins made by white blood cells?

They are a antibody that can neutralize a certai toxin

What has modern medicine developed to neutralize the efforts of toxins and poisonous bites?


How is serum sickness prevented?

The most effective.prevention is simple avoidance of antitoxins that may cause serum sickness.

What would happen if you did not produce enough antitoxins?


What is an injection of antibodies or antitoxin?

Antitoxins are substances that bind to toxines making them harmlles.(they losse their effect in organizm)

How do white blood cells help prevent disease?

They produce antibodies and antitoxins to weaken the virus then eat them to strengthen.

What is the substance made by white blood cells to counteract poisons produced by pathogens called?

Antibiotics, antitoxins, painkillers, statins.

What do white blood cells make to fight diseases?

antibodies to fight bacteria and antitoxins to neutralise the toxins produced by bacteria.

What chemicals do white blood cells produce?

white blood cells can make chemicals called antitoxins that destroy the toxins produced by bacterica.

What has the author George Lamb written?

George Lamb has written: 'The specificity of antivenomous sera' -- subject(s): Physiological effect, Antitoxins, Venom

What has the author Samuel J Ajl written?

Samuel J Ajl has written: 'Microbial toxins' -- subject(s): Collected works, Toxins and antitoxins

What is a description for phagocytosis?

Phagocytes kill microorganisms by killing them directly or by killing the toxins they produce (acting as antitoxins). They are flexible so can engulf bacteria - this is called phagocytosis.

How do phagocytes white blood cells antitoxins and antibodies help defend the body against disease?

Well phagocytes have the job of engulfing the bacteria or virus once the lymphocytes have produced the right antibody that matches the antigen on the bacteria/virus. There are 2 types of white blood cells, phagocytes and lymphocytes. Antitoxins are used to protect you from poisoned food. This poison,caused by the bacteria, are called toxins.Not rocket science, because I, myself am only 11.

What is the function of blood in your body?

Transports oxygen, nutrients, hormons, enzymesTransports waste productsFights infections (carries antibodies, antitoxins, etc.)(Blood) clottingRegulates body temperature

What would happen if your bodies could not produce enough antitoxins?

well i think something would go wrong with one of your organs like around the tummy area. sorry dont no much ^.-

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