What are appropriate gifts for a girl who has graduated from a four-year college?

Well, we all know the tried and true is money. It is a bit impersonal so now the big thing is gift cards to where ever they like to shop. If your creative go the route of getting something that had to do with her degree. Depending on how much you want to spend there are numerous items a graduate could use. If she has any interest in the arts, why not a membership to a locale museum or art guild. If they like cooking pay for a few cooking classes. Im sure after four years of college this gal could use something that is relaxing and enjoyable to reward her for her efforts in being responsible enough to finish college. Find out if she has a passion for a particular activity and go from there. What about a weekend away at a B&B on the ocean or A weekend treatment to a body & mind spa. Good luck and tell her Congratulations from TRINABABE

i think a travelling is a good gift .