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Here are opinions on "Why shouldn't doctors be sued for a patient's death?": * Because they did more to keep them alive than anyone else? * Death happens to everyone. Bad things happen to good people. There is a very large difference between a bad outcome such as death and death caused by a mistake. People often sue physicians because something bad happened to them or a family member died that was not the result of anything the physician did or didn't do. If the physician did not meet the accepted standard of care and a death occurred because of it, there would be a reason to sue. But suing because a person who smoked for 30 years and had high blood pressure died of a heart attack is ridiculous, for example. * Unless there is clear evidence of negligence on the part of the attending physician or medical personnel there would be no grounds for remand and cure. Unfortunately there are unethical attorneys who take advantage of a family when they are the most vulnerable and convince them to pursue a malpractice suit regardless that said action has no merit. This however does not mean a doctor, hospital or any medical personnel or facility cannot nor should not be held legally accountable for harm done due to negligence.

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Q: What are arguments for or against doctors being sued for a patient's death?
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