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What are army helmets made from?

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Modern US Army helmets are made from Kevlar.

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What are German army helmets made outt of?


What are helmets made of?

The new Vietnam War US Army M1 steel helmets made in the 1960's, were manufactured from re-cycled automobiles (scrapped cars).

What are army helmets made outt of?

The one million run of US Army M1 steel helmets (known to most people as steel pots) on or about 1967 for the Vietnam War were made from re-cycled US automobiles (scrapped cars).

What are helmets made from?

Helmets are mostly made from polystyrene

Where are AGV helmets made?

The company is Italian but the helmets are made all over the world.

Who built the Roman army weapon?

Blacksmiths made the swords javelins armour and helmets. Siege towers and other siege equipment were made by the soldiers. The ballistas (crossbow-like catapults) were made by specialised craftsmen enlisted in the army.

Where can one purchase old Army helmets?

Old Army helmets are a little tough to come by. Most of these types of helmets can be found in second hand or antique stores. You may also be able to purchase them on websites like eBay.

Are some skateboard helmets made out of recycled garbage?

No there is not any helmets made out of reyceld gargabe!

What kind of meterial made ancient rome helmets?

Roman helmets were made of bronze or iron.

Are there any mining helmets in minecraft?

There are no helmets made specifically for Mining, but normal Helmets do exist in Minecraft.

What was roman helmets made from?

Roman helmets were made from iron, at least for the ordinary soldier. Generals and other high ranking officers had the option of bronze helmets.

Has demand for helmets made from leather declined?

The demand for helmets made from declined with the advent of the industrial era

What are WW1 helmets made out of?

world war 1 helmets were made fom sheep skin and cows

What were 1920 helmets made of?

Football and aviation (pilot) helmets were constructed of leather.

What did the Romans make helmets out of?

The Romans made helmets out of iron, bronze and brass.

What do you use to make war helmets?

There are steel helmets with fiberglass liners, and Kevlar ones. Steel helmets are made from sheet steel, fiberglass cloth and polyester resin. Kevlar helmets are made from Kevlar cloth and epoxy resin.

Did spartan's make ther helmets?

The armour, weapons, tools, and everything else used by the Spartan army was made by a slave class called helots.

What are Spartan helmets made of?

They were made out of metal/bronze.

What are helmets made out of?

i think metal

What are space helmets made of?


Who made Anglo Saxon helmets?


What were Athenian helmets made of?


Where are HJC Helmets made?


What was the ancient viking helmets made of?

That's actually a myth, Vikings never wore helmets.

What are cricket helmets made from?

made out of steel and with some pading

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