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What are arts and entertainment in England?


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what is the main entertainment in England


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Arts Council England was created in 1994.

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With taxes and laws. Taxes are collected from the people and the government and our elite decide which arts and entertainment are supported. The government also uses the CRTC to support certian Canadian arts and entertainment companies and groups by making arts and entertainment from other countries more expensive or sometimes by not allowing us to see certain programs or foreign media.

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One who desires a career in Art Entertainment is probably looking for a job in Arts Administration, Broadcasting, Films, Fashion, Textile Art, Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Graphic Design or even Performing Arts and Music. All of the above are fields of Art entertainment which require Humanistic education.

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For entertainment they participated in the theatre and performed plays and they watched the plays.They also played and watched the olympics for entertainment.

The Strawberry Fair has been held in Cambridge, England since 1974. The Strawberry fair is a festival of music, arts, crafts and entertainment. The festival is free to the public.

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Certainly Charleston must be the most prominent city for the arts in that state.

The cast of Sunday Arts Entertainment - 1989 includes: John Cripton as himself Timothy Findley as himself Linda Thorson as herself

To find branded entertainment in England, one could visit the BBC. Alternatively, try other English entertainment brands such as ITV and Channel Four.

Performing arts is acting or dancing or singing. General stuff like that. Entertainment is anything from juggling to sword swallowing stuff like that. I hope i helped

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