What are astronauts beds like?

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What do astronauts beds look like?

As there is no gravity out there , they have to sleep zipped up.

What do astronaut beds look like?

Since there is no gravity to hold astronauts in their beds they have to sleep in zipped up sleeping bags that are strapped to the inside of the space station, space shuttle or whatever they are in.

Where did the astronauts on Apollo 11 sleep?

they slept in their beds at home! by Anna answer on internet?

What were the beds like in 1960?

how nice r the beds like in 1960

What kind of beds do fairies like?

"flower beds"

What were the beds on Apollo 11 like?

The beds were reclining seats to sleep in.

Where did the astronauts sleep when they stayed on the moon?

The LEM was extremely small but had onboard two canvas hammocks that were similar to what sailors used to sleep in. The beds were uncomfortable, cramped and often the astronauts were so adrenelin pumped, they did not sleep much.

What were the beds like in concentration camps?

in concentration camps the beds were small bunk beds in tiny rooms and shared by a lot of people.

How astronauts spend their time in the space ship?

astronauts like to exercise while in the ship

Why are beds called rice beds?

Rice beds are where the rice grow. so its kind of like how you sleep in a bed they grow in a bed. I guess.FART!

Do astronauts sleep in beds in space?

Yes because they sleep in bunk beds that are provided to them on the space shuttle.they also sleep in sleeping bags that are provided to them which are located on the walls or on the back of their seats. Answer by aaron hollowell jr. Ymcmb no limitz hill side

Where have astronauts explored?

Astronauts have travelled to lots of places in space like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went to the moon and other astronauts have gone to lots of other moons like some of Saturn's moons also astronauts have been to the international space station.

Where does NASA want to send astronauts in the future?

Nasa would like to send Astronauts to Mars in the future.

What were the beds like in ancient Greece?

It had designs on it....

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I would like to add some garden beds to my current garden configuration. How can I build some raised garden beds?

When are astronauts in space weightless?

i like turtles

Do guinea pigs like cat beds?

Yep. We have 2 and they love the beds, especially our FATSO: Ginger E. Guinea

Where can you buy poster beds online?

Today you have a great option to order and purchase any products like beds and mattressonline. Online shopping is a great option because you can browse hundred of options to purchases all beds categories. Just for example Springwel provide you the great opportunities to purchases any double beds mattress, wooden beds, metal beds, leather beds as well as queen, king size beds online.

What are the classifications of beds?

Classification of beds include King Beds, Queen Beds, Single Beds, Double Beds, Day Beds, Sofa Beds, trundle beds, bunk beds, and toddler beds.

Who are astronauts?

Astronauts are, if you like putting it this way, 'space people'. They fly in rockets and shoot to outer space and study it up there.

How do astronauts vomit in space?

just like on earth

What activities do astronauts do in space?

In space astronauts conduct science experiments to see how weightlessness affects it, like growing plants. They also repair things, like satellites.

What was it like at Roanoke Island?

It was like harsh they had beds for staw and they had to eat their dogs!!

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Utiline is what Dodge called their stepside beds. The trucks are thw same except the beds.

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