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What are bad things about solar energy?

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the bad thing about solar energy is that is thatfirstly the amount of energy we get from the sun is dilute even in the hot desert of world and secondly the technology we use for this energy is very expensive.

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Bad things about solar energy?

Solar energy is bad for you

What are the bad things about solar energy?

when the sun gose down you don't have any energy

Bad things about solar energy calculators?

They will be useless without light

Bad things of solar energy?

it can burn your house down if it gets to hot

What are to bad things about solar energy?

very expensive and only available while the sun shine

How can solar energy help the polar bears?

Because your not using gas or other that hurt the environment and use those bad things cause globe warming, but solar energy is the energy that you get in the environment

What does the company BP Solar do?

The company BP Solar does many things. The company BP solar does things such as provide solar energy to the world and educate people about solar energy.

What are two differences between using solar energy and wind energy?

1. solar energy you get from the sun while wind energy you get from the wind 2. solar energy you have to have solar things (ex solar ovens) wind energy you need a windmill for.

What are bab things about solar energy?

Assuming the question is asking what are the bad things about solar energy, the main problem is that one cannot drawn power from the sun if the sun isn't shining. Solar power plants for instance cannot generate electricity at night or if the sun is blocked by cloud cover.

What is the solar used for?

Solar energy is used for power and energy, showers, electricity, allot of things.

What are the bad thnigs about solar energy?

Disadvantages: May not produce enough energy to run appliances, solar radiation

What is the energy from the sun called?

solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy

How solar powered things work?

Solar powered things work when they reflect off the sun. For example, if you have solar power energy it reflects off the sun making energy and then you can use it.

Good things about solar energy?

Solar energy is one of the environmental friendly ways to harness energy. It does not cause environmental pollution. It will be the energy of the future.

What are the things that run in solar energy?

Oliver Headly was a solar scientist and chemist

Is solar energy good or bad?

Yes Solar energy is good beacause it gives us energy, electricity and so on without pouluting the world. :-)

What is Solar Energy currently used for?

Solar Energy is currently used for several things like, car and stuff. Yeah

What was solar energy in the past?

solar energy was the same as it is know but without all the expensive things like the cars , ect

Disadvantage of solar energy resources?

There are many disadvantages to solar energy but here is some fires or things like that THANK YOU.... :)

What is the purpose for solar energy?

save the living things

What are some big things that solar energy can do?


How is solar electricity used?

You get the energy by the sun by using solar panels to power things

What is solar energy when it is used?

Using energy from the sun to power other things

What energy is solar energy?

Energy from the sun, also known as solar radiation and short-wave radiation. Solar energy includes ultra-violet radiation, visible radiation, and infra-red radiation.Solar energy is energy from the sun that can be used to heat things such as water, air, ect., or be used to power electrical appliances in your household.the energy is solar energy you get energy from the sun and solar power

What or two bad things about solar?

I am assuming you are talking about solar power. Well its expensive and It can only generate power during daylight hours. Another con is that pollution can reduce the efficiency of the solar cells.Check out this site for all the pros and cons of solar energy.

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