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It was a ploy to accomplish some kind of control over the people, and the pore existence who thinks of one thing that no one else has thought about or said has the upper hand, but they fail to see the significance of cities at war. The peace that leads after the war is worth fighting for. the battles were cease to exist. you don't know what you are agreeing to.

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Q: What are battle stars and how where they awarded during World War 2?
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How many bronze stars were awarded in World War 2?

The total number of Bronze Star Medals awarded during World War 2 is unknown. The 82nd Airborne alone was awarded 2,478 Bronze Stars. The medal was created in 1944.

What do the many tiny bronze stars on the ww1 ribbon mean?

The "tiny bronze stars" were awarded for battle participation.

What do 3 battle stars from World War 2 mean and is this a ribbon?

Not seeing the picture, it is hard to give you an exact answer. Normally, a battle star means service during a particular campaign. For instance, I hold the Vietnam Service Medal, with three battle stars. What that means is you have the first medal awarded, then you add a star for each combat operation you were in. Thus, I took part in four operations during Vietnam. Hope that helps.

What were battle stars given out for in World War 2?

These battle stars were usually awarded as a means of recognition that a person in service was in a particular battle or a series of campaigns . A distinction should be made when referring to a Silver or Bronze star which is given in recognition of courage or valor in battle . ~ see related link below .

How many Silver Stars were awarded in World War 2?

Approximately 50,000 Silver Star Medals were awarded in WWII.

How many stars were on the American flag during the Alamo battle?

There were 28 stars

Bronze and Silver Star medals awarded to USS Canon PG-90?

Three Silver Stars and 5 Bronze stars were awarded to crew members ofthe Canon during the Vietnamese Conflict.

What battle stars did the USS Randolph receive in World War 2?

The USS RANDOLPH earned three battle stars for World War II service.

How many silver stars have been awarded since 2001?

About 386 Silver Stars have been awarded to our men and women in uniform since the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 (9/11).

What were the requirements for being awarded three Bronze Stars in World War 2?

If you are referring to Bronze Service Stars, then your loved one served in three Campaigns during WW 2. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

What do three stars on a World War 2 submariner's pin represent?

Submarine Combat Pins were awarded during WWII to submarines and the crew when they completed a successful war patrol. The pin itself was awarded for the first success and a star for each following successful patrol. Three stars would represent four successful patrols.

When does another warrior die during omen of the stars?

When the cats battle.

Was Dennis L Guthrie awarded a bronze star?

he was awarded 2 bronze stars in 1971

What is the military definition of a 'battle' that will deserve a battle star?

Battle stars are earned by the military personnel that enter a designated war zone for during certain periods of time.

What is the highest number of bronze stars awarded to a single individual?

7 bronze stars

What does a World War 2 EAME Theater Ribbon with 4 bronze stars represent?

The ribbon is awarded to military personnel involved in WWII in the European Theater. The four bronze stars mean the person participated in four campaigns during that war. A campaign is a major operation usually involving many Army divisions. This is not to be confused with the bronze star medal ... awarded to someone for valor on the battlefield.

What is the time during Number the Stars by Lois Lowry?

1943-1945 or during world war 2

What is the duration of Battle of the Network Stars?

The duration of Battle of the Network Stars is 2 hours.

When did Battle of the Network Stars end?

Battle of the Network Stars ended in 1988-12.

What is the duration of Battle Beyond the Stars?

The duration of Battle Beyond the Stars is 1.75 hours.

How many stars on the American flag during World War 1?

The American flag had 48 stars throughout the first World War.

Will Firestar die in the fourth series?

Yes, he will supposedly die during the Battle between the place of no stars.

If there are three stars on a family's coat of arms what does it mean?

They stand for major battle victories during the crusades

How did Harry Welsh of Wilkes Barre become famous as a result of World War 2?

Harry Welsh was a first lieutenant in Easy Company during World War 2. Welsh was wounded during a battle and received two purple hearts and two bronze stars.

When did Battle of the Gridiron Stars end?

Battle of the Gridiron Stars ended on 2006-05-17.