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Beens are made from animal organs, but more specificly the stomach and liver.

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It is made with Red kidney beans or small red beans.

No, canned bake beans are made with beans. Soy is also made from beans, but a different type.

no beans r made out off competers

They are officially beans made of cocoa.

at Heinz beans factory

Yes, it is made out of cocoa beans :)

they are made of beans that need to be dried in the sun and then it will get that chocolate taest.

There is no such thing as espresso beans. Espresso is made from coffee beans. Coffee beans can be eaten.

Yes and no, tofu is made from soybean, which is a different genus from the regular beans.

Lima beans grow on vines.

kidney beans ;) Sorry Tearlake - the beans used in 'baked beans' are Haricot beans

They are made from real beans. Made fresh on site daily.

They are the beans from the coffee plant.. the beans are well roasted by the time you see them however.

The beans themselves cannot be grown in such a climate.

the first drink ever made was made out of flower,honey cocoa beans and vanilla. but it was then made into hot cocoaHot chocolate

It depends - most vegans won't eat refried beans made with lard, but refried beans made with vegetable oils (vegetarian refried beans) are perfectly acceptable to vegans.

Coffee beans are stronger than brewed coffee. Coffee beans are the starting point of coffee. As the coffee is made from the beans, the beans are diluted with water.

The beans used are small white haricot beans often called pea beans or navy beans.Another answer is: Most store bought baked beans are made from haricot beans (also known as navy beans) soaked in a tomato sauce.source: Ask Encyclopedia

Green beans are green because they were made that way. They are plants.

Their are different kinds of beans some are made organic and some aren't.

chocolate is made from cocoa beans.

Its made with cocoa beans and sugar.

they were made out of pickels and jelly beans

Kidney beans are a type of bean, while chili bean refers to a recipe or way the beans are cooked. So chili beans can be made with several different types of beans. Commonly used are kidney, pinto and black beans.

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans.

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